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Erickson's Community of Coaches

AUTHOR: Travis Whiteford
DATE: 25 January 2024

Step into the next chapter of connection and success in your coaching journey! In a world that moves at a relentless pace, staying connected to resources and fellow coaches is vital. Erickson+ (Erickson plus) is the ultimate platform designed to take your coaching course from a class into a lifestyle.

Erickson+, redefining the way coaches engage and thrive. Whether you graduated recently or decades ago, Erickson+ is your passport to a vibrant community, where shared experiences and valuable connections take center stage.

Once anyone has completed an Erickson course, many questions remain. From how to best utilise your course, on where to find opportunities, how to network as a coach and where to continue to learn. All of these answers and resources to these vital questions are available to an Erickson coach on the web and mobile app.

Networking with Global Coaches

Erickson is a global learning hub with partners in every corner of the globe. As an Erickson coach myself, one of the most exciting aspects is being able to meet and chat to coaches from all over the world. Each country and partner has a designated group so that coaches from those regions can connect and chat to each other in any language and organise possible meet ups or coaching sessions.

There are also coaching forums launching in which coaches can join for free to connect and chat with coaches from around the world and discuss a multitude of coaching topics. Join a forum about specific coaching topics or just join the calls to chat and share knowledge with the global Erickson community.

Continuous Learning Resources 

Ever forgot something you learned in class or need a refresher from one of your favourite members of faculty? Erickson+ has multiple resources from all of our courses in which you can read, download and learn from at all times. From course materials to coaching demos, ICF info, Marilyn Atkinson content and more. 

We have clearly labeled folders that are very easy to access and clearly marked so that any information you are seeking is easy to find. A whole folder dedicated to resources and demos from Marilyn, a whole folder on what you need to know about the ICF and how best to utilise them, and all of our previous masterclasses, live events and demos are also available.

Business Building

After conducting an Erickson wide survey and interviews in 2023, we found that many coaches are in need of business building content and information. Whether that is in creating or running a coaching business or needing help promoting themselves, coaches need business and administrative help. 

Administrative, financial, marketing, business development and social media promoting are all folders full of practical steps and support for coaches looking to grow their knowledge on their coaching business. Use this folder to develop your business and better understand how to pitch yourself, generate leads and close deals.


Connecting with fellow coaches is the cornerstone of our events tab. Our events create a space for learning and connection across the globe, both online and in person. Our robust event calendar ensures that you stay connected not only with your faculty & TA’s but also with fellow coaches & classmates. Whether it's a virtual meet up with coaches, a professional development webinar, or a local networking event, Erickson+ is your go-to source for staying informed and engaged.

We also offer our coaches monthly Masterclasses hosted by brilliant coaches with amazing insight into topics touching on all aspects of the coaching world. You are also able to rewatch our most popular Masterclasses such as :

These masterclasses also offer the chance for coaches to earn CCEUs to help when rectifying with the ICF. Sign up to premium to join these monthly classes for free.

Premium Access

To make sure we offer coaches the top resources and lessons from esteemed faculty, our premium memberships allow for coaches to join masterclasses and gain CCEUs. CCEUs are needed every 3 years to renew your ICF credentials, 40 CCEUs accumulated over that 3 year span is the required amount. Our Masterclasses give 2.75 CCEUs per class, and at one a month, a premium member can attain 33 CCEUs in just 1 year. 

Continuous coaching education units are expensive when it comes to finding the right ones that are both valuable and reliable. With our Erickson Masterclasses you are able to attain your units while learning from a respected and professional coach while connecting with fellow coaches. 

Our premium access is available in both monthly and annual subscriptions and can be auto renewed for your convenience. Make sure you keep an eye out for specials and promos for when to sign up to premium to make sure you get a great deal. 



Join Erickson+, the ultimate platform designed to turn your coaching course into a lifestyle. Take advantage of our global community, continuous learning resources, business-building support, and coaching events. Elevate your coaching career by signing up for premium access, unlocking a world of monthly masterclasses and crucial CCEU credits as well as unlimited resource access. All you need to do to be a part of the community is sign up using the same email address used in your course and you will be a part of the community! Seize this opportunity to connect, learn, and thrive as part of the Erickson+ community. 

Erickson+ is more than just a coaching app, it's your gateway to a vibrant coaching community, continuous learning, and business success. Whether you're a recent graduate or a seasoned coach, Erickson+ provides the resources and connections to propel your coaching career forward. Don't miss out on the chance to join a global network of solution-focused coaches, access valuable content, and enhance your skills. Sign up today and let Erickson+ be your partner in achieving coaching excellence. Your community is waiting for you.

We’ll see you there!