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During this course, you will explore and experience different levels of human consciousness and empowerment. The pathways that emerge will allow you to integrate your understanding of transformation on a deep level. It seeks to answer fundamental questions regarding human nature and the interplay between individual function and unlimited awareness. This course is great for coaches who want to conduct coaching conversations of a spiritual or deeply meaningful nature.

Start Date:
22 August 2024
End Date:
25 August 2024

Onsite - Granville Island Hotel in Vancouver

To be Announced
Dr. Marilyn Atkinson
Tuition Fee:
USD $1,550

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This unique course is based on overarching frameworks of spiritual development, taken from decades of personal growth activities and practices. Its underlying approach is based on varying spiritual paths, including Sufi and Buddhist teachings, contributing a diverse breadth of insight into what can keep us spiritually focused, and learning how to impart that deepening knowledge to others. It is an ‘Integral Transformation’ course stretching all the four dimensions of integral awareness. The prerequisite for Deep Coaching is Part 1 of The Essentials Course in The Art and Science of Coaching program.

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Marilyn Atkinson

Dr. Marilyn Atkinson, the founder of Erickson Coaching International and a prominent figure in Solution-Focused Coaching Psychology, and NLP, has played a pivotal role in global coaching and leadership development. With over 40 years of experience, she has contributed significantly to the evolution of coaching models, including the renowned 4 quadrant Solution-Focused Coaching process. Inspired by Milton Erickson's work, Marilyn integrated solution-focused, outcome thinking metaphorical techniques into her coaching programs, fostering human transformation. As an Industrial Psychologist, she tailored these methods for corporate settings, making them accessible for coaches and leaders worldwide. Marilyn's impact extends globally through her training programs, spanning over 50 countries. Her dedication to human transformation is evident in her eight translated books and ongoing commitment to coaching effectiveness.


What you will learn:

  • A thinking process on inner growth applied in scientific terms
  • How to support others on a personal development journey towards deeper alignment
  • Development of higher-level thinking through a coaching vision alignment of metaphors to the inner personal development journey.

Who is this course for:

  • Individuals with a background and expertise in coaching
  • Individuals wanting to develop a niche in spiritual coaching 
  • Neuro-linguistic and mindfulness practitioners 
  • Facilitators, coaches, therapists and individuals with a focus on human transformation.



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