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40+ years

of changing the world

Erickson was established in 1980 with the goal of empowering individuals to raise self-awareness, inspire personal growth and create positive transformation throughout the globe.



Erickson strives to be thought leaders for the science of change, a space for human transformation and growth. We understand the value of our team and each members ability to contribute to this growth mindset. We foster imagination in all we do to build a world full of excellence. We foster integrity and hard work to go the extra mile to meet our ambitious goals of changing the world.



  • Solution-Focused
  • Community 
  • Transformational
  • Integrity
  • Communication

The Erickson Journey

Erickson Coaching International Timeline

Meet Our Founder

Marilyn Atkinson


Marilyn Atkinson

Marilyn Atkinson is the creator of the acclaimed Solution-Focused Coaching model,

The Art & Science of Coaching

As a clinical psychologist, Marilyn became a dedicated follower of Milton Erickson's work giving his name to Erickson Coaching International because she believed in the power of his solution-focused, metaphorical mindset as a powerful means of human transformation. She modelled Erickson's techniques and neuroscientific principles to create the programs that enable coaches to have a profound impact.  

In the 40 + years that Erickson has been growing, she has traveled around the world providing training and coaching for the global community. 

At age 80, Marilyn remains a formidable trainer, thought-leader, speaker and writer, inspiring the world with her relentless dedication to human transformation - one conversation at a time. 

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Marilyn has written eight books including The Art & Science of Coaching Trilogy:

Inner Dynamics of Coaching
Step-by-Step Coaching
The Flow of Coaching


What our graduates Say ABOUT THE IMPACT OF MARILYN'S

Nicole McCabe
Global Managing Director
Microsoft Partnership SAP


"Erickson challenged every preconceived notion I had about the role of the Coach."

"The process was well thought out to ensure the student grasped and could apply every concept before the next module."

"I left feeling ready and confident in my coaching abilities!"

Daria Shendrick
Life Coach


"Erickson was my first serious step into coaching. The training system really took place at the highest level."

During the lessons we discussed important topics that would greatly help us work with clients in the future. I am grateful to Erickson for such high-quality training and organization of the learning process for students. And I am happy and proud that I can now be part of the Erickson community"

Robin Dorchester
Trauma Informed Coach
Robin Hayley Coaching

"If you are looking for coaching training, look no further. At Erickson you have found a place where learning is supported by wonderful, passionate and skilled instructors and mentors."

I have met top-notch people, and made life-long friends. This is more than a training program. This has been life changing for myself and for my peers on this journey. You have definitely come to the right place!"

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