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Join our Global team 


What’s Cool about working at Erickson?


As a fully remote organization, we offer flexibility in working hours and the opportunity for you to integrate your work into your life.

As a global organization, we also don’t mind where you are. So, if you fancy life in Thailand for a few months or nomadic life, as long as you’re delivering the results, you can choose your home!

Erickson offers competitive salaries that are globally benchmarked for the industry.
We also offer many benefits including free professional development, medical, dental and 25 days’ vacation leave a year, plus paid sick leave. (For global contractors, we offer cash equivalents so that you can ensure your benefits are covered to suit your needs.)

We offer profit sharing, deep thinking working days (what? no meetings today!) and many creative ways of work that just make it awesome to be part of our team.



City Ambassador

Help bring onsite training back! Erickson's on the search for City Ambassadors in London, Milan, Toronto, Vancouver, New York, Ottawa, Calgary, Tokyo, Seoul and San Francisco. This role is designed to assist with on-the-ground logistics, sales, learner support, community growth and event planning.
  • Venue booking
  • Support during the event
  • Teaching assistant (TA)
  • Provide service support to learners where required
  • Arrange/co-ordinate graduation ceremonies to align with international standards
  • Support the development of the local alumni community
  • Ensure that onsite courses are resourced and managed smoothly so that learners have an excellent learning experience
  • Ensure student feedback and other metrics for each class in line with central processes
  • Communication aligned with Erickson Values and Standards
  • Successful completion of Erickson’s “The Art and Science of Coaching”
  • Previous event experience
  • On the ground knowledge of your city

Apply by:
Sending a 1 min video sharing why you’d be a perfect ambassador, your history with Erickson and your favorite place in your city.

Twist! Please take the video from your favorite spot in the city. Please attach your CV.

Please send your application to Please email your application to hr@erickson.edu


Do You Love Coaching
Business Placement Europe

Erickson-trained Coaches for Business Placement Europe

Erickson Coaches are in demand. If you are a qualified coach, have experience working in the business world and want to expand more strongly into Executive coaching, we invite you to apply.

Our Coach Placement Program enables you to gain experience at your level.


We are looking for coaches who can speak:

  • English
  • Italian
  • French
  • Bulgarian
  • Polish



Becoming an Erickson Facilitator Worldwide

Erickson's facilitators are the heart and soul of the organization. Some of our expert facilitators have been with us for 20+ years. If you would like to join our facilitator and training assistant team, kindly fill in the form below!  We have a rigorous but rewarding learning journey to become a great facilitator.  We believe in human transformation, a process enabled through great teachers.


  • ICF Professional Coach Certification preferable.
  • Minimum 5 years facilitation in a broad setting, including online training.
  • Must be an Erickson Alumni

Not currently hiring . 



Were Growing
Global Partner

Become an Erickson Partner

We are looking to expand! Are you interested in becoming an Erickson recruit partner? 

What you are expected to do:

  • Lead the market development of your region to educate and inspire customers on continuous life-long development through a variety of Erickson’s offerings
  • Recruit new Erickson customers and organize onsite and online courses in
    collaboration with Erickson Global Headquarters
  • Attract Erickson graduates, coaches, and facilitators to form a local community and engage with continuous learning

Contact us if you

  • Demonstrate a strong passion for developing and enlightening people,
    facilitating group learning and coaching
  • Are an experienced business leader: 10+ years of corporate experience in marketing and sales preferably in learning and development, OR 10+ years of experience in Human Resources
  • You are an experienced coach or facilitator 10+ years of experience in executive coaching or life coaching and have an existing and growing local customer base

Please submit your CV to hr@erickson.edu with the subject line Partner Application