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What is: Family Coaching?

AUTHOR: Sample HubSpot User
DATE: 9 July 2014

"Family is the most important thing in the world." - Princess Diana  

We can't help but agree with the Princess on this one. Everyone deserves a loving family, learn how you can help people build the happiness they desire.  

Typical Clients

Clients often include families who are in crisis, new parents, and adoptive parents who need help coping with a difficult transition.  

What's Involved?

Family Coaching requires a deep understanding of the relationship between family members. You should be able to empathize with parenting struggles and understand the difficulties faced at various children’s development stages. Assisting parents and working with children to educate and explain the effects of outside influences are common roles. Promoting continuous and trusted communication between family members is also a key area. Family Coaching clients may face issues such as:  

  • New parent challenges.
  • Teen pregnancy.
  • School dropout prevention.
  • Anger or stress management.
  • Poor communication.
  • Marriage challenges.
  • Parenting issues for different stages, such as separation anxiety, depression, or discipline.

See what tools you can learn as a coach to help families and parents create the life they envision for their family.