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Top 20 Tips for Starting and Growing a Coaching Business

AUTHOR: Dermot Butterly
DATE: 25 August 2023

The Top 20 Business Building Tips for Coaches

  1. Serve Don’t Sell:
    Coaching is about connection and conversation. We don’t need to sell people on coaching, just give them an experience of coaching and let the experience do the selling.

  2. Create Relationships Not a Target Audience:
    People feel when you are genuinely coming from an authentic place of wanting to help them. Treat your prospective clients like human beings and they will hire you.

  3. Create Your Business One Client At A Time:
    I would often (too often) frantically ask my coach (Steve Chandler) “How do I get lots of paying clients?” And he would say, “Offer to help one person, serve that person with all your heart & soul and then go to the next and repeat”.

  4. Work “ON” & “IN Your Business:
    Decide what days and times you are going to look at creating new clients (working ON your business) and what days and times you will coach clients (working IN your business)

  5. Create A Coaching Fee:
    There is no such thing as the right coaching fee, only what's right for you given the skills you have today. Pick a number that will get you in the game and as your skills grow, so will your coaching fee.

  6. Practice Saying Your Coaching Fee:
    Once you pick a number for your coaching fee, then you need to practice saying that number out loud (not in the library or public restrooms) every day for 3-5 days. When you finally say your coaching fee to your new client it will feel like giving a friend your phone number. 

PS: The coaching fee is not about you either. It's about the client's commitment to the work. Isn’t that good news 😊

  1. Slow Down:
    The fastest way to grow your coaching practice is to slow down and spend time asking yourself: What could I try that would make my heart sing?

  2. Show Up & Try Stuff:
    I train (sometimes nudge) my coaches in the Art & Science of Business Building to go out there and try stuff. The most successful coaches in the world will tell you they tried a lot of different things. Some stuff worked and some did not.

  3. Dream Big & Take Tiny Steps:
    I've coached many very successful people over the years and the way I did it was very simple: I helped my clients to dream bigger than they were dreaming and then I supported them to take consistent (every week) tiny, doable, action steps every week. Download Top 25 Questions to Ask a New Client Here


  1. The “NO” Is Never About You:
    When clients say no to working with you, it's usually because after coaching with you they are clear this is not for them at this time or they may need more of an experience of your coaching to make that NO a YES. But it's never about you.

  2. Tell Everyone You Are a Coach:
    Professional Coaching (in this Irishman’s humble opinion) is the most noble profession on this wonderful planet. Question: If you knew that you had something that could help lots of people live a better, more joyful, more happy life, wouldn’t you want them to know about it? Shout it from the tree tops!

  3. Have Fun:
    I have coached a lot of successful coaches over the past 12 years and I’ve been coached by some of the best coaches in the industry and the thing that has been the most impactful in all that training has been to make having fun the most important part of creating my coaching practice. Ask yourself: What's the most fun I could possibly have today in creating a new client? And please have fun when you are coaching clients. If you are having fun, that means the client is having fun and if the client is having fun, transformation is inevitable and That My Dear Coaches is No Blarney!

  4. Embrace Networking and Collaboration:

In the world of coaching, relationships are golden. Embrace networking opportunities to connect with fellow coaches, professionals, and potential clients. Collaborate on projects, workshops, or events to expand your reach and create a supportive community. Remember, together, we can achieve more. Erickson’s student and alumni app, Erickson+ is here to help you succeed and stay connected.

  1. Cultivate a Powerful Online Presence:

In this digital age, having a strong online presence is paramount for your coaching business. Create a professional website, consider which social media profiles would serve you best, and regularly share valuable content that showcases your expertise. Utilize these platforms to engage with your audience and build trust.

  1. Seek Feedback and Continuously Improve:

Feedback is a gift, especially in the coaching world. Encourage your clients to provide honest feedback and take it as an opportunity for growth. Continuously seek self-improvement by attending workshops, conferences, or further coach training. The more you grow, the more impact you'll have on your clients!

  1. Consider Offering Workshops and Webinars:

Expand your coaching offerings by organizing workshops or webinars on topics related to personal development, leadership, or any area of your expertise. These events can attract potential clients, showcase your coaching skills, and position you as an industry authority.

  1. Practice Gratitude and Mindfulness:

In the hustle of building your coaching practice, don't forget to practice gratitude and mindfulness. Take time each day to reflect on what you are grateful for and stay present in the moment. A calm and centered coach brings more value to their clients.

  1. Set Boundaries and Prioritize Self-Care:

As a coach, it's easy to get caught up in serving others while neglecting your own well-being. Set clear boundaries to protect your personal time and prioritize self-care. Remember, a well-nurtured coach can provide the best support to their clients. (Read the Top 20 Self-Care Practices for Coaches)


  1. Celebrate Your Successes:

Acknowledge and celebrate every milestone in your coaching journey. Whether it's landing a new client, completing a certification, or receiving positive feedback, take a moment to savor your achievements. Celebrating your successes fuels your motivation and passion for coaching.

  1. Embrace the Journey with Patience:

Building a thriving coaching practice takes time and dedication. Embrace the journey with patience and grace. Understand that setbacks and challenges are part of the process. Trust in your skills and the value you bring to your clients. Remember, Rome wasn't built in a day, and your coaching practice will flourish with perseverance and belief in yourself.

With these 20 business-building tips for coaches, you are well-equipped to take your coaching practice to new heights. Embrace the wisdom, put it into action, and witness the positive impact it brings to your clients' lives and your own. As you continue to nurture and uplift others, never forget to nurture and uplift yourself. After all, being a coach is about leading by example, and when you prioritize self-care, your clients will be inspired to do the same. Happy coaching!


Think Big, Have Fun & Serve Well :)


Dermot Butterly

Creator & Facilitator of The Art & Science of Business

Building for Coaches


Webpage for more info: https://thecelticcoach.com/