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Top 20 Books Every Coach Should Read

AUTHOR: Frances Litten
DATE: 25 August 2023

Top 20 Books Every Coach Should Read


As coaches, our commitment to continuous growth and development extends beyond the confines of our coaching sessions. We’ve gathered a diverse collection of influential books, covering various aspects of coaching, personal development, and leadership. From mastering effective coaching techniques to understanding the dynamics of human behavior, each book holds a unique gem that can spark inspiration and transformation in your coaching approach.

These carefully selected works offer valuable insights, practical tools, and profound wisdom to enrich your coaching practice and empower your clients.

Whether you are a seasoned coach seeking fresh perspectives or an aspiring coach eager to embark on a fulfilling coaching career, these books are here to accompany you on your path to success. Let these pages be a source of empowerment, offering you new perspectives, strategies, and tools to become a truly impactful coach.

1. “Inner Dynamics of Coaching” by Marilyn Atkinson and Rae T. Chois

This comprehensive guide delves into the core principles and processes of coaching, offering valuable insights into human psychology and behavior. Coaches can gain a deeper understanding of the dynamics at play during coaching sessions, enhancing their ability to facilitate positive change in clients.

2. "The Coaching Habit" by Michael Bungay Stanier

Discover practical coaching techniques and seven essential questions to enhance your coaching effectiveness. Let this book guide you in having more impactful conversations with your clients.

3. “The Long Game” by Dorie Clark

Build your coaching practice strategically with a clear vision and impactful strategies. Overcome challenges and stay focused on achieving meaningful goals.

4. “Step by Step: The Art & Science of Coaching” by Marilyn Atkinson and Rae T. Chois

Unlock coaching proficiency with practical tools, techniques, and exercises. Embrace a structured approach for more effective and transformative coaching engagements.

5. “Coaching for Performance” by John Whitmore

A classic in the coaching world, this book explores the principles and practice of coaching for personal and professional growth. It provides valuable insights into the GROW model, offering coaches a solid foundation to help clients achieve their goals.

6. “Flow The Core of Coaching” by Marilyn Atkinson and Rae T. Chois

Understand the concept of flow and its relevance to coaching. Create optimal conditions for clients to reach peak performance and fulfillment.

7. "Start with Why" by Simon Sinek

This influential book emphasizes the importance of identifying and understanding the "why" behind our actions. Coaches can apply this principle to help clients gain clarity on their core values and purpose, guiding them towards more meaningful and fulfilling lives.

8. “Standing Tall Without Heels” by Rasha Alajouz

Empower yourself and others with personal development and self-confidence insights. Overcome limiting beliefs and societal expectations in your coaching practice.

9. “The Prosperous Coach” by Steve Chandler

Shift your mindset and coaching approach for long-term coaching success. Focus on creating value and transformation for clients to build a thriving coaching practice.

10. “The Responsibility Ethic” by Adam Kreek

Explore the power of taking responsibility and empowering clients for positive change. Foster accountability and growth in your coaching relationships.

11. “Codes for Love and Eternity” by Delyan Zahariev, Neda Zareva and Anna Ivanova

This story-based book delves into emotional intelligence and its role in building successful relationships, offering coaches valuable insights for enhancing communication and empathy in their coaching practice.

12. “The Gifts of Imperfection” by Brene Brown

Embrace imperfections and cultivate authenticity in your coaching journey. Foster resilience, self-acceptance, and genuine connections in your clients.

13. “It’s Your Turn: Stop People Pleasing and Find Your Power “ by Hailey Magee

Empower clients to set healthy boundaries and prioritize self-care. Break free from people-pleasing patterns with the principles of this book.

This book is releasing in 2024

14. “The Coaching Shift” by Shonna D Waters and Brodie Riordan

This book offers insights into the coaching process and provides practical strategies for creating lasting change in clients. Coaches can learn how to facilitate transformative shifts in thinking and behavior.

15. "Mindset: The New Psychology of Success" by Carol S. Dweck

This influential book explores the power of mindset and its impact on personal and professional growth. Coaches can use its insights to help clients cultivate a growth mindset, leading to increased resilience and a willingness to embrace challenges.

16. “Fall in Love with Your Life, One Week at a Time” by Emily Madill

Cultivate self-awareness and gratitude with weekly reflections and exercises. Support clients in finding joy and positivity in their daily lives.

17. “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” by Stephen Covey

A timeless classic, this book offers seven essential habits for personal and interpersonal effectiveness. Coaches can use these principles to guide clients towards a more proactive and purposeful life.

18. “The Leading-Edge Living Playbook: 10 Daily Rituals to Tune You in to Source Energy” by Jenny Xenos

Introduce daily rituals for personal growth and inner wisdom. Help clients tap into their innate potential and achieve clarity and fulfillment.

19. “Leading Below the Surface” by LaTonya Wilkins

Discover transformative leadership with a focus on emotional intelligence and authentic communication. Support leaders in creating a positive and inclusive organizational culture.

20. “Atomic Habits” by James Clear

This best-selling book dives into the science of habit formation and provides practical strategies for building positive habits and breaking negative ones. Coaches can use these techniques to support clients in creating lasting behavioral change and achieving their goals.