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Five Key Strategies for Building Your Coaching Community

AUTHOR: Chelsea Frank
DATE: 5 April 2024

As coaches, we may feel as if we are navigating uncharted waters on our own. Through the expanse of the open sea, you may see a light, and that light is the coaching community. Man is not an island, so we must draw from the experiences of others and establish our tribe as we build our coaching community! As a student currently enrolled in Erickson's The Art and Science of Coaching, I believe the former is true, and here are some of my takeaways and ideas for finding and building your coaching community. Through my coaching journey, I have found five key strategies for building your coaching community. Here they are. 

  1. Know Who You Are

Knowing who you are is an important first step when starting your coaching journey, and in many ways, this is what the journey is for. Knowing who you are allows you to gravitate and navigate your way to finding coaches who have the same values and have similar interests. Allowing you to learn from them while you establish your coaching identity and style to one that best suits you.  Take a moment to understand your identity. Take the time to reflect on your coaching style, your target audience, and the impact you aspire to create.  By clarifying your purpose and values, you lay the foundation for meaningful connections within your community. Ask yourself, ‘Who am I becoming?’.

In an article, 5 Ways To Build A Powerful Personal Brand by Forbes contributor Shelcy V. Joseph, emphasizes the importance of authenticity in personal branding, stating that "understanding who you are and what you stand for is essential in building a brand that resonates with others." This quote speaks to the second strategy which is Online Community. 

  1. Online Community and  Engagement

When we think of the digital world and its function as a thriving marketplace for ideas and discussions. Engaging with your community online is more than simply a means of advertising; it's also an opportunity to create relationships. Find online groups that speak to who you are and by actively participating in discussions on social media platforms such as LinkedIn, giving valuable thoughts, and reacting to comments, you show your dedication to building true connections within your coaching community. 

There are so many resources online and with a little bit of effort and a sprinkle of your personality you will soon make connections that align with who you are and find the help and resources you may need to take your coaching practice to the next level. 

At Erickson, we have an alumni app - Erickson+ , your built-in coaching community.  Ensuring that once you graduate, you never feel alone. Our alumni app is an excellent resource and tool. It is a place where coaches attend workshops and webinars, meet and greet other coaches, celebrate our coaching community's successes, and access a continually updated collection of materials.

If that wasn’t enough here is a breakdown of how Erickson+ can help you build your coaching community:

  • Through Coaching Opportunities - With hundreds of Erickson+ members, there is no shortage of opportunities to fill up your coaching practice calendar. Our Coach Placement program offers the opportunity to coach real clients in organizations currently working with Erickson.
  • Community Space – Our graduates offer such uniqueness in experiences, cultures, perspectives, beliefs, and values. The common thread is being able to speak the language of Ericksonian coaching, making Erickson+ a safe place to ask questions and share ideas.  
  • Special Live Events – With the Masterclasses addressing specific coaching skills, these additional monthly events focus on a variety of topics outside of the coaching conversation – from business building to your own personal growth.
  • Gain more clarity on your business and how you want to approach its creation or expansion. Further, explore who you are evolving into as a person and a coach. A fuller aligned YOU increases your Coach presence.

Now that we have found our community, whether online through social media or through our trusty Erickson+, we understand that strength comes in numbers.

During my cohort experience, I had the opportunity to interact with several fantastic people and to share tales. Learning from them has been both educational and inspiring. With our common goal of being coaches in mind, we have discovered our coaching style and can learn from others and their coaching skills. Now it is time to further explore and network. 

  1. Create Networking Opportunities

Networking is more than simply exchanging business cards; it is about making genuine contacts. As a coach, you have the ability to help people connect in your community. Actively fostering networking opportunities, whether through virtual gatherings, introductions, or collaborative initiatives, develops community links and offers up new possibilities.

Erickson hosts an annual in-person conference called the World Game. Coaches from many continents join to connect brains and hearts. Every session is a fresh experience set in a different part of the world, where you can team up with other visionaries in person. This conference is a celebration of growth, celebrating personal and professional triumphs. Every handshake and shared experience contributes to the broader goal of making the world a better place. Join us in Khao Lak, Thailand this May to be part of the 2024 World Game Experience

  1. Offer Pro Bono Coaching 

One powerful way to contribute to your coaching community is by offering pro bono coaching or mentorship sessions. By providing your expertise and guidance to those who may not have access to coaching otherwise, you not only make a positive impact on individuals but also strengthen the fabric of your coaching community. I find a sense of joy when I am able to give back to my community through my new skills and help them positively shift into a new mindset while finding ways to overcome challenges that may have seemed impossible, but through coaching they are able to find answers in themselves and feel a sense of enlightenment to move forward and conquer. 

Erickson Coaching International's commitment to social responsibility and giving back is reflected in our Coach Placement initiative, which encourages coaches to dedicate their time and skills to support charitable organizations and underserved communities.

  1. Celebrate Milestones

So whether you are celebrating your first coaching client or your 100th we would love to know and celebrate those wins with you. At Erickson, we are all about community and changing the world ‘one conversation at a time’. Our goal is to inspire and support each other as we reach even higher goals, 

Creating a flourishing coaching community is a process that calls for commitment, hard work, and sincere connections. These strategies—knowing who you are, engaging online, creating peer-to-peer learning opportunities, encouraging networking, and celebrating milestones—you not only cultivate a supportive and engaged community, you are five steps closer to creating your coaching community that empowers and inspires us all. Don’t forget to follow us on social media, where we grow with our community and where you can share your wins with us @EricksonCoachingInternational and join our Alumni App, Erickson+ for your coaching resources.