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Whether you are an individual looking to become a professional, life or executive coach, or you are looking to advance professionally, the world-renowned The Art & Science of Coaching course will help you to succeed.

Erickson's program offers you the opportunity to study to be an ICF-Accredited coach as an ACC  or a PCC accredited coach.  The Program is offered online and onsite in beautiful cities around the world.  It is Solution-Focused, based on neuroscientific principles and world-renowned for training coaches to partner with their clients in transformative change. The program is structured to equip you with the most comprehensive coaching skills and opportunities to succeed.

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The art and science of coaching - Erickson Coaching International
The Art and science of coaching level 2
The Art and Science of Coaching Level 3 MCC Course





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What it means to  BE AN ERICKSON COACH

8 Questions

Deciding to become a credible, qualified 
coach is a considerable investment in 

You’re embracing a role in which you can support others 
in reaching their potential- what could be more rewarding? Once you’ve 
made the decision, the next step is to select the institute from which 
you will receive professional training. 

To assist you in making the right decision for your unique 
needs, we have broken down 8 important questions you should 
consider when choosing a coach training provider to partner with.


Curriculum  breakdown

The Art & Science of Coaching program consists of two courses, The Essentials Course and The Advanced Course. Each course consists of two parts. 

The Essentials Course Part 1 - Inspiration

Skills and approaches organized around the core
essential question: “What do you want?”

This covers the essential coach mindset, the elements that form a coaching relationship, Erickson’s Coach Position, and the step-by step process of Erickson’s Coaching Arrow. In Part 1, the emphasis is shifting from problem oriented to Solution-Focused.

The Essentials Course Part 2 - Implementation

Skills and approaches organized around the core
essential question: “How might you accomplish it?”

This has an additional focus on implementation and execution of the desired outcome. This part provides an improved relationship with strategizing, planning, prioritizing and using time effectively. 

The Advanced Course Part 1 - Integration

Skills and approaches organized around the core
essential question: “Why is that important to you?”

In this part , we advance our coaching by developing the skill to uncover the client unique motivational structures. We deepen our ability to handle and overcome objections. We also leverage the power of values in enabling commitment and follow through. 

The Advanced Course Part 2 - Completion

Skills and approaches organized around the core
essential question: “How would you know you’ve achieved it?”

In this part, we focus on how people experience success. We move through completion, including testing of skills and competencies in which the topics of all Parts fall into place to complete the bigger picture of integrated Solution-Focused Coaching

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It took me almost 6 months to decide which coaching school I would attend. Now that I am a certified coach with the ICF, I can say that Erickson International was the right choice. The quality of teaching coupled with rich content, made it easy in the end.
Daniel Sigouin
The one year Erickson learning journey was amazing and helped me to develop the competencies and skills that I wanted to learn. I established a network of awesome people around the world. 2 sessions per week and homework were on one side challenging, on the other side the professional facilitators and the efficient learning platform supported the fast personal growth. The atmosphere in the class was open and positive and the facilitators inspirational and great to learn from. The learning approach was very professional and a good mix of theory, practical demonstration and own experimentation. I highly recommend Erickson!
Dr. Katharina Gnirke
I've been through coaching training programs outside of Erickson and many other training programs. After completing Erickson, I recommend this program to anyone looking to further their ability to lead, parent, coach, or just work on themselves. The way the program is structured layers in understanding in an integrated way that had me leave with confidence and excitement at my new capabilities. The training program is dialed in to give coaches the best abilities to truly support their clients and make an impact.
Tracy L Thibodeau
Lead, Training and Development
10 months that will change the way you view yourself. 10 months of commitment but also lots of fun. It is definitely worth each and every minute.
Alessia Poletti
Senior Marketing Manager
Erickson comes highly recommended, the learning journey has made me a better person and I think that is the highest praise for a coaching school. It has also provided me with the best possible foundation as I embark on this exciting adventure of serving people through coaching.
John Ahern
Project Manager
What a unique transformational journey. Learning with Erickson is truly engaging and inspires you to become solution-focused. The offering provides diversified tools and connects to the coaching model in a logical flow to enable coaches to continue their learning journey with the key principles and ICF competencies in mind!
Mayada Elkordy
Head of Talent
I found Erickson after searching for local coaching courses on Google. I've consistently been pleasantly surprised and satisfied with my coach journey since beginning my coaching education last year. I've loved the philosophy behind the Erickson coaching model, all the facilitators have been passionate, knowledgeable and experienced. Also, the global network of Erickson coaching has been such a welcome support in my coaching journey!
Brian Kingston
I learned so much about myself and others! I was able to develop skills I thought I already had.
Stefan Bagehorn
Solution Architect
I spent months researching and calling coaching schools. I knew I wanted a thorough program that would offer support and I wanted the faculty to be experienced. I made a phone call to Erickson and spent an hour on the phone with an administrator. After I hung up, I knew I had found excellence. My time at Erickson was exactly that. Excellent. From the faculty to the learning platform to mentorship every step was interesting, fun, exciting. It might be the best educational experience I have ever had. Because of this program I know that I am well positioned to be a great coach. I can't wait to help people achieve.
Charles Marroni
An amazing experience of successive stages of enlightenment. I was fortunate to be in a truly amazing group of 16 throughout the almost one year of training. We are still a tight group and still meet occasionally online. I believe coaching does appear to attract a certain type of individual, committed to changing the world, one coaching session at a time.
Richard Gaechter
Head, CRIF Consulting

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