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Start Date:
21 February 2024
Wednesdays | 9.00 - 12.15 am  PDT
8 sessions
Paul Gossen & Dr. Marilyn Atkinson
$1100 USD

*We support other currencies. Reach out to Paul@erickson.edu for a custom quote.


This program offers a rich learning environment, working with experienced professional peers, powerful tools and a transformational mindset built on insight and experience. If you have studied Erickson Solution Focused Coaching, you already have the foundation to become an elite corporate coach. Discover and own the transformational power that you already have in this  8-session journey to mastery.

Who is this course for:

  • Erickson graduates
  • Existing Coaches
  • Internal Coaches
  • Corporate Coaches

What you will learn:

We present a unified mastery model that will transform your mindset and coaching expertise in all 4 areas at once.

  • Executive Corporate Mastery
  • Team Corporate Mastery
  • Organizational Corporate Mastery
  • Sales Corporate Mastery
Paul Gossen

Paul Gossen

Paul Gossen (PCC), is a Senior Trainer with Erickson Coaching International with 20+ years in the field. Paul has conducted more than 100 business transformation projects worldwide from small early-stage companies to enterprise-scale organizations. Paul provides strategic transformation, executive coaching, strategic growth facilitation and leadership training services.

Paul has rolled-out projects with large enterprises like SAP, Alibaba, GSK, Blue Focus, Amex.

Marilyn-Atkinson Bio

Marilyn Atkinson

Marilyn Atkinson needs no introduction. As Erickson's founder, global motivational speaker, author and creator of The Art & Science of Coaching, Marilyn is renowned for her inspirational training, not only of coaching but also within a business context, personal development and coach mastery programs. Marilyn has trained thousands of business leaders and facilitators around the world. Learn how to become an outstanding facilitator, speaker or trainer from one of the best in the world.

For more information:


  • gain a strong understanding of the importance of coaching in a corporate environment
  • learn how this course will guide you towards executive, team, organizational, and sales coaching mastery
  • gain an understanding to the tools, mindset, and hands-on practice that accompany this course
  • find out more about Erickson’s Corporate Mastery course and meet the facilitator, Paul Gossen