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Expanding Emotional Intelligence offers effective tools to break free from limiting narratives, bringing peace to your emotional history. Join the training to release self-limiting habits and unlock a greater sense of playfulness and inner serenity. 

Start Date: 9 May 2024
End Date: 11 May 2024
Delivery: Onsite | Thailand
Schedule: Thursday - Saturday | 9:00 a.m. - 17:00 p.m. ICT
Facilitator:  Dr. Marilyn Atkinson 
Tuition Fee:
USD $880
*We support other currencies. Speak to an advisor for a custom quote. 

In the impactful Expanding Emotional Intelligence program, you will discover nine simple techniques to enhance your Emotional Intelligence (EI) and cultivate healthier relationships. These habits will guide you from guarded and entangled emotions to a state of centeredness, openness, and self-empowerment. 





Marilyn Atkinson

Marilyn Atkinson needs no introduction.  As Erickson's founder, global motivational speaker, author and creator of The Art & Science of Coaching, Marilyn is renowned for her inspirational training, not only of coaching, but also within a business context, personal development and coach mastery programs . Marilyn has trained thousands of business leaders and facilitators around the world.  Learn how to become an outstanding facilitator, speaker or trainer from one of the best in the world. 


What you will learn:

  • How to integrate the latest research on emotional intelligence into your work and life
  • To release past experiences in favor of emotional regulation
  • To develop higher-level thinking through a coaching vision alignment of metaphors to the inner personal development journey
  • Tools and processes that support working effectively with emotional issues in coaching sessions.

Who is this course for:

  • Individuals pursuing self-awareness and growth
  • Life-long learners who want to improve their emotional flexibility and broaden the way they experience emotional responsiveness
  • Professionals and coaches wanting to deepen their mastery in serving others towards achieving their highest potential
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