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What is Team Coaching?

AUTHOR: Travis Whiteford
DATE: 9 March 2024

What is team coaching when it comes to business?

The Henley Business School describes Team coaching as “Team coaching helps teams work together, with others and within their wider environment, to create lasting change by developing safe and trusting relationships, better ways of working and new thinking, so that they maximize their collective potential, purpose and performance goals.”

At Erickson, we believe in team coaching that focuses on solutions. At Erickson, we believe in team coaching that focuses on solutions. We provide you with the tools and techniques needed to succeed in coaching teams. We also prepare you for the challenges of corporate coaching.

Team coaching is about empowering teams by giving them essential tools and techniques to succeed together. Focusing not only on individual skills but also on harnessing the collective strength of the team.

This process helps people learn important skills for working together. It also prepares them to handle the challenges of team dynamics in companies. As we explore team coaching, we'll uncover its importance and examine the crucial role it plays in propelling teams to success.

Benefits of Team Coaching: Benefits of coaching for teams

The advantages of team coaching are numerous, providing a range of benefits that greatly contribute to the success of both individuals and the entire team. Katya Menschy states that “It opens up a whole new world of understanding. Imagine looking at a challenge through a multifaceted lens, where every angle reveals a new insight” in her blog about The Importance of Partnering in the Workplace. 

Team coaching acts as a springboard for enhancing communication within a team. Team members learn to communicate better through coaching, creating an open and honest environment for sharing ideas and information effectively. 

Improving communication skills helps team members share ideas and work together better in a friendly environment.

This procedure promotes enhanced collaboration by fostering a deeper understanding of each team member's strengths and weaknesses. This heightened comprehension enables them to work seamlessly towards common objectives, fostering a collaborative ethos within the team. Essentially, team coaching extends beyond individual skill advancement, nurturing a collective synergy that propels the team towards mutual success.

The Role of a Team Coach: Group coaching vs Team coaching

Understanding the role of a team coach is essential for effective team coaching. Team coaching focuses on how the whole team works together, rather than just personal growth. It looks at the bigger picture of team dynamics. A team coach is like a guide, helping the team work together better through different methods. 

They observe carefully, identifying strengths and areas for improvement, and then assist the team in aligning with the company's objectives.

What Erickson’s High Performance Team Coaching Certification does is apply Erickson's solution-focused team coaching framework during comprehensive coaching sessions. Our approach integrates social psychological principles and insights from brain science to optimize communication and create an environment conducive to productive conversations. We delve into the neurodynamics associated with entrenched systems thinking, aiming to foster cohesion and collaboration within the team. 

We help improve thinking skills and teamwork by encouraging open and creative discussions during team meetings. The Erickson strategy involves intentionally cultivating clear, comprehensive, and logical team thinking processes, ensuring a systematic and effective coaching experience.

Now, let's explore the distinction between group coaching and team coaching. While group coaching typically focuses on individual development within a group, team coaching centers on the collective development and dynamics of the team. The coach helps the team work together better and solves problems that could slow down the team's progress. Recognising these differences is crucial for organisations seeking to harness their teams' full potential and optimise performance through tailored coaching approaches.

Team Coaching Techniques:

When you dig into effective team coaching methods, you come across a bunch of strategies that aim to boost how teams work together and perform. One important move is all about creating a vibe of open communication and feedback. Team coaches use organized communication exercises, so team members can share their thoughts, worries, and feedback in a helpful way. 

Setting goals and ensuring everyone is aligned is crucial. Individual goals should align with the team's objectives to drive success. And then there's the team-building stuff and joint projects that help everyone feel like they're in it together. Team coaches might also use tools like personality tests and strengths-based approaches to customize their coaching moves, recognizing and tapping into what each team member is really good at. 

As we dig into this mix of team coaching tricks, it's clear that combining these approaches thoughtfully can really amp up how tight the team is and how well they perform.

Our Erickson strategy for team coaching is simultaneous with our coaching philosophy of being solution-focused. Our team coaching certificates are in line with the ICF Core Competencies. They are also accredited as Advanced Accreditation in Team Coaching by the ICF. 

Erickson's Team Coaching program is crafted to guide you swiftly toward earning your team coaching certification as a proficient Team Coach. The program not only incorporates essential team coaching techniques but also prepares you for corporate team coaching. Throughout the program, you'll get hands-on experience with various aspects of team coaching, both online and in-person. With dedicated support and supervision, you'll develop and refine your integrative skills as a top-tier Team Coach. 

Team coaching is a dynamic force fostering collaboration and optimising performance in the corporate world. Its benefits, including improved communication and enhanced collaboration, underscore its significance. Understanding the difference between team coaching and group coaching helps define the team coach's role and discover different techniques. From open communication strategies to personalised approaches, team coaching proves essential in cultivating resilient, high-performing teams, aligning individual growth with collective success.