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Coaching In Organizations

AUTHOR: Erickson Coaching International
DATE: 12 August 2022

Did you know that Coaching processes are directly applicable to organizational goals? Top performing companies are people-centric and goal-orientated. Both of these require Solution-Focused actions to drive growth. Read on to understand the Organizational Coaching process and the way in which Coaching can support instant positive change in leaders and companies by marrying vision, action and values.  

What is the Goal of Coaching in Organizations?

Integrating Coaching methodology to assist individuals, managers, and teams with personal and professional growth helps organizations to achieve a stronger corporate vision. By asking insightful questions, actively listening and using a variety of Coaching frameworks, an individual can get to the core of effective leadership and enhanced productivity.  

“We help people find their own answers,” Marilyn Atkinson, Founder of Erickson Coaching International

The Process of Organizational Coaching

Alignment Around Organizational Vision and Goals

Erickson’s Coaching philosophy is based on proven Solution-Focused techniques and aims to help people envision a powerful future in line with organizational and personal goals. With the overarching goal established, solutions and thoughts are based in present action which allows individuals to become conscious of what is required for achieving their vision. 

“We assist people, often within 10 to 30 minutes, to find terrific solutions in areas of inner conflict, or areas of non-developed thinking. Executives love it. They discover they’re much smarter than they thought they were.”  

Action Steps Towards the Agreed Upon Outcome

Erickson’s seasoned facilitators work with organizations and their projects at every stage.  Once a cohesive vision is agreed upon, Coaches help organizations to implement their vision, encouraging them to detail the step-by-step process of accomplishing goals and building a knowledge base.  

“Each project has a different kind of thinking involved in the creative big-picture development of an idea. At the beginning, we’re assisting people to get inspired, and assisting others around them to be inspired in order to get a team going effectively.” 

Core Values and Culture

Once the framework is in place, teams are encouraged to specify the values they want their company to represent, and then the two are linked together. 

“The final step in the coaching process focuses on implementing success as an attitude and a methodology," says Marilyn Atkinson, "This is where people learn how to both celebrate a project and, use the framework we’ve helped them construct to extend the value into the entire company.”  

Unlike most performance-oriented coaching systems, Erickson Organizational Coaching doesn’t just focus on whether a person produces results. “We’re much more interested in how human beings become leaders,” says Marilyn. “How they move past old obstacles, discover their resources, skills, humour and, develop an ability to relax at work. Then they can really fulfill their leadership potential.”  

To find out more about Erickson's coaching solutions for organizations, Get In Touch with one of our Business Solution Specialists.