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Revisiting Your Relationship with Change

AUTHOR: Cory Martin
DATE: 1 February 2023

Being alive means being in a constant state of evolution. 

Change is happening right now…and now…and, well, now… and forever. Our bodies, the seasons, relationships, the landscapes of the world and our minds, our own beliefs, expressions, styles, and languages. Change, whether invited, embraced, or resisted, is inevitable. It is always knocking on the other side of your door. When it looks down at your mat, does it say, “Welcome” or “Go Away?”

As Solution-Focused coaches, we already know that change is inevitable. We show up to our coaching conversations with this principle fully absorbed and infused into our existence; asking questions that leave our clients expanded in new ways. What a fun and powerful place to coach from!

Learn how Solution-Focused coaching skills empower you to create transformational change in yourself and others. 

In today’s world, our clients are experiencing change on a whole new level, and so are we. How can we support today’s clients with change if we’re not clear of our own current relationship with it? This is where our coaching integrity comes into play. Ask yourself: How can this relationship be stronger and more connected for me? What is my new expansion with Change? Perhaps it’s time to grab Change’s hand, go for a walk, and have a little catch-up.

I recently did this for myself. I began with asking what my current dialogue was with Change. Like any date, I playfully engaged and was genuinely curious: “Hey, nice to see you again, Change, it’s been a while. How am I currently experiencing you? Where do I need to stretch more to leverage you for my own growth? What are your positive intentions for me now?” I remained open to the answers, and when I got back from my date, I felt a newfound appreciation for the changes entering my life. I realized I was seeing hurdles instead of gifts. Gifts of clarity. Gifts of inspired action. I could then feel the barrier thin out and we were on the same team again. Acquaintance became friend. You could say it was a successful date. 

This was my experience. What are the questions you might want to ask Change? Ask them and listen for the answers. They are there. Your beyond conscious minds have the clarity you want. Clarity brings confidence. Confidence brings freedom and space. Now, an updated and leading-edge coach emerges, and your clients have a coach who personally understands and inhabits the value of embracing change. When you up your own game, everyone wins.

Yes, change is inevitable. And now is an opportunity to allow a new perspective that moves you towards your trueness, your core values, and your inspired vision in your response to it. Now, when Change comes a knocking (and it will), what do you want your mat to say?