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Reflections on Community

AUTHOR: Hannah Kahane
DATE: 16 April 2024

It takes a village to raise a child... 

This is the first thing that comes to mind when I think about the topic of community. Many of us are undeniably familiar with this adage, adapted from a wise African proverb. Raising our children with a secure attachment in the family and community is #1 for many of us who are parents. Our children are the future of planet Earth.  What could be more important?

All kinds of people working together, playing together, and living together in harmony makes a better village, and many villages coming together can make a better world.” 

This expanded and visionary statement made by Hilary Clinton certainly expresses the ideal path forward for humanity and yet here we are living in a time of great upheaval on earth. We’ve come a long way from our hunter gatherer days, where community meant survival by banding together for protection, shelter and food security.  We’ve come a long way from the days where the well-being of the community had to come first for sheer physical survival!  Indeed, community has evolved over the millennium through the development of ideologies, cultures and countries.  Every culture originated from the desire to make a difference in the world. Yet, efforts to better the world have been blindsided repeatedly and we each carry layer upon layer of ancestral trauma. Many of us are becoming aware of seeing through a trauma sensitive lens and deepening our understanding and compassion for the human condition. Most importantly, deepening our understanding of the human spirit that can shine through each one of us!  Each one of us has unique gifts to bring into the world. There is hope for people to come together in community to authentically support one another.  

As mammals we are hard-wired to take care of our young, to be part of the pack. The truth of community is staring us right in the face. 

We are designed to take care of and support each other. It is what is most instinctual and natural to us, how we are designed to grow and thrive in life. No wonder our nervous systems become so out of whack when we isolate and insulate ourselves from our unique authenticity and true nature to care for one another.  

 As the dawning of the age of Aquarius ensued, burgeoning communes and spiritual communities did their well-intentioned best to evolve human consciousness and amplify peace and harmony in the world. We learned from these social experiments that authentic individuation and self-care must not be denied for the good of the whole. They are the basis needed for a healthy community to thrive.

Do we really need to be “like-minded” people to experience a healthy community?  

I have learned over the years of my life as a community builder and especially now through my coaching experience with Erickson, that I can resonate with anyone who desires to be more in touch with their own authenticity and become more in flow with vital life force no matter what their beliefs are, no matter their walk in life. I am connecting with people of different ages, and stages of self-realization. We have in common that we are evoking awareness for each other and facilitating growth. Certainly, this goes hand in hand with experiencing community and supporting one another in ways that make a difference to us, and those whom we serve! 

“Beyond right doing and wrongdoing, there is a field. I will meet you there

This is one of my all-time favourite quotes by Rumi. These words amplify the true potential of community, a place beyond survival, a place beyond like mindedness and beliefs, a place where we can continue to evolve in awareness of our humanity. What is that field, but not the creative field from where we dream and envision a hopeful world for each other, and especially for our children and the generations to come.

We each have the hard wiring to listen deeply to whatever the river of life flowing through our nervous system is telling us.  As we deepen our own practice, we can hold space for others to come more into alignment for what is real and meaningful in their lives, their families, careers and community.

 We are at a time in human history where community is not bound by physical proximity. 

Here we are in the digital age of connection with the technology at our fingertips to amplify the evolution of human consciousness!  The tools of coaching can help us have more clarity, understanding and compassion for ourselves and each other, all vital to community building. 

Do not feel lonely, the entire universe is inside of you.” (Rumi) Let us support one another to attune to what is uniquely natural to us. Let’s amplify and actualize our human potential in community no matter where we find ourselves.