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Radoslava Krosneva

Class of 2023

Head of HR
ACC Certified Coach

With over two decades of invaluable experience in HR, Radoslava Krosneva stands as a seasoned professional. Her journey includes a remarkable 15+ years in leadership roles within esteemed international corporations. Radoslava is a graduate of a prestigious French language school, and she holds a Master's degree in International Economic Relations. Additionally, her expertise extends to the realm of Journalism with a professional qualification.

Radoslava's thirst for knowledge has taken her through specialized training programs for international leaders, conducted in both Italy and France. Notably, she completed her training at the renowned Erickson Coaching International school in Milan, Italy, where she engaged in the transformative "Art and Science of Coaching" curriculum. Moreover, she advanced her skills through the "Deep Coaching" training under the tutelage of Erickson Coaching International's founder, Marilyn Atkinson.

With a rich history in various international organizations across production and financial sectors, Radoslava has masterfully occupied diverse strategic positions within human resources management. Her leadership prowess has been instrumental in guiding teams ranging from 5 to 45 individuals. Notably, she culminated her corporate journey by serving as the Head of HR for a large-scale organization boasting a workforce of over 5000 employees.

Radoslava's expertise thrives in the domains of transitions, transformations, change management, leadership, and design thinking. Her adaptability to diverse cultural environments is a testament to her global perspective. Her illustrious track record includes:

- Over 15 years of leadership, directly overseeing C-level managers and navigating mergers, acquisitions, global transformations, and management transitions.
- Recognized as HR Director of the Year, a tribute to her enduring achievements in HR management.
- Holding the prestigious title of Executive/Leadership certified coach with ACC accreditation from the International Coaching Federation.
- Holding a Train the Trainers certificate from the esteemed institutions of Paris, France.
- Earning the MCIPD qualification from the Institute for Personnel Development in London, UK.
- Adept in co-development strategies.
- Holding a DISK certification.
- Mastering the arts of NLP and acting through dedicated certifications.

In Radoslava Krosneva, you'll discover not only a professional with remarkable accomplishments but a partner dedicated to enriching your HR journey through a wealth of expertise and insight.

Get to know  Radoslava Krosneva

What are you most proud of from the past 20 years?


I take the greatest pride in the courage I possess to foster transformation within both myself and those around me. Additionally, I derive pride from my accomplishments in terms of personal and professional growth. The enduring friendships I've cultivated and the human connections I've nurtured also stand as sources of pride. My family and closest friends evoke a sense of pride in me. Furthermore, the act of assisting individuals is a source of pride in itself.

What does transformation mean to you and what role do you feel coaching plays in the transformation of society? 


Change is a constant and unavoidable aspect of life. To me, transformation embodies growth. Progress hinges on change, making it an essential component. This is why I find transformations truly fascinating. Coaching serves as a catalyst for profound positive changes in lives, imparting a radiant impact on the world at large. Through coaching, I've witnessed a complete and positive metamorphosis in individuals. Coaching possesses a certain magic; it unleashes the entirety of human potential, channeling it towards the creation of a better world.

What role has Erickson played in your transformation in the past 20 years?


Erickson's influence holds immense significance. It guided me to discover my inner reservoirs of energy, strength, and the drive to enact positive self-transformation. I reconnected with the values I held as a child, reigniting a genuine enjoyment for life. The art of being present, residing fully in the moment rather than dwelling on the past or future, became a valuable lesson - a true embodiment of "carpe diem". I cultivated patience and honed the skill of active listening. Moreover, I acquired the wisdom to evolve into an improved rendition of myself.