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Nancy Boyer

Class of 2012

Professional Coach

Nancy is a Professional Certified Coach with the International Coaching Federation completing the Art & Science of Coaching program at Erickson Coaching International.  She is a Learning and Development Manager with an International Maison.  Nancy was a Performance Coach with Apollo Education Group for 5 years where she coached Directors and leaders throughout the Western Region.

Approach to Training and Coaching:
  • Transformational Listening and Visioning: Drawing on her extensive experience as an Erickson Facilitator and Mentor, Nancy's coaching approach centers on creating a safe space for clients to be heard. By deeply listening and fostering non-judgmental connections, she empowers clients to envision and construct solutions that not only transform their lives but also contribute positively to society.
  • Erickson-Infused Transformation: Nancy's journey with Erickson Coaching International has shaped her approach profoundly. Through her dedication to coaching, facilitating, and mentoring, she has cultivated a coaching philosophy that blends personal and professional growth. Her coaching journey reflects the transformative power of commitment, practice, and the Erickson community.
  • Inspiration and Holistic Development: Influenced by her family, mentors, and her faith community, Nancy's coaching embodies an inspiring blend of coaching, mentoring, and training. Her role as a Learning and Development Manager underscores her commitment to cultivating a dynamic learning environment. She aspires to attain an MCC credential and contribute further to the coaching field through a forthcoming book on Leadership and Coaching.

Get to know  Nancy Boyer

What are you most proud of from the past 20 years?

I am most proud of being a part of a wonderful family.  One of my biggest accomplishments with Erickson Coaching International is to have the honor of being selected as an Erickson Facilitator and Mentor (to support Coaches as they become ICF certified).  I also had the amazing opportunity to help develop Coaching Competencies for Leaders.  Then, I co-facilitated the course (to their leadership team) in four different countries. 

What does transformation mean to you and your what role do you feel coaching plays in the transformation of society?

Transformation is defined as, “who we are, what we do and the life we lead”.  Coaching plays an important role in the transformation of society.  I believe one of the biggest things people want is to be heard.  Coaching creates a safe and trusted relationship where there is non-judgement, where the coach is fully present to listen deeply to their Clients.  Clients discover, envision and create solutions (with action steps and timelines) that help transform themselves and society.  I have coached many Clients who have shared powerful stories regarding how coaching has helped transform their lives.  My life has been positively changed since I took Erickson’s coaching courses and as I use the skills I learned in my personal and professional life.  

What role has Erickson played in your transformation in the past 20 years?

From the day I joined my 1st Erickson course, I knew my life was going to change! I just couldn’t imagine how much my life would positively change.  Becoming a coach was a challenge!  It took a great amount of practice, commitment and dedication.  While I was in my 1st course, I knew I wanted to work for Erickson and I knew the requirements I needed to facilitate for Erickson.  I completed The Art & Science of Coaching and coached over 500 hours to get my PCC.  Once I had my PCC and became ICF certified, I had the honor of becoming an Erickson Facilitator.  I facilitated Coaching Competencies for Leaders and The Art & Science of Coaching.  I was and am so amazed by each and every Erickson Learner and shared their passion, strength and dedication to become a Coach! After facilitating for several years, I am honored to be an Erickson Mentor (supporting Erickson Coaches on their journey to get ICF certified).  The skills I learned changed me both personally and professionally.  I am so grateful and thankful to be a part of Erickson’s community and family! In my current role, I coach and facilitate every day! I feel coaching has helped me to become a better person.