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Maria Margeta

Class of 2017

Business Partner at Erickson Coaching International
Professional Coach

About Maria Margeta

Accomplished coach with a background in guiding both individuals and teams across diverse industries including Technology, Banking, Finance, Advertising, Sales, and Education. I am driven by a customer-centric approach that places a premium on achieving tangible results. My proficiency in the English language is exceptional, enabling me to effectively connect with and convey concepts to others.

My adeptness in presentation and communication is underscored by a deep-rooted commitment to clarity and engagement. Additionally, I possess exceptional organizational skills that contribute to streamlined and efficient processes. Infused with a natural inclination towards creativity, I continually espouse a mindset of ongoing enhancement.

My enthusiasm for coaching, team dynamics, and Agile methodologies (such as Scrum, Kanban, and SAFe) is boundless. My coaching philosophy is rooted in a fervent dedication to fostering growth and effectiveness within teams. With a robust history of coaching success across various industries, I am dedicated to steering individuals and teams towards their full potential.

What are you most proud of from the past 20 years?

Over the last two decades, I take immense pride in my pivotal choice to venture into coaching. This decision has allowed me to catalyze growth in individuals and teams across diverse industries, fostering tangible outcomes and meaningful transformations.

With a focus on customer satisfaction, I've honed exceptional communication skills in English, bridging complex concepts effortlessly. The organizational finesse I bring to the table has streamlined processes, propelling teams toward success and growth.

My coaching philosophy is marked by creativity, constant improvement, and an unwavering passion for coaching, team dynamics, and Agile methodologies. This approach has not only achieved results but also instilled a spirit of authenticity and vigor in those I guide.

Reflecting on this journey, I'm thrilled to have contributed to the accomplishments of diverse sectors and look forward to continuing this path of empowerment and excellence.

What role has Erickson played in your transformation in the past 20 years?

Erickson's influence over the past two decades has been pivotal. Their coaching approach has honed my focus, deepened self-discovery, and illuminated what truly matters. Their insights have amplified my communication skills, enhanced organizational finesse, and ignited an unending passion for coaching, team dynamics, and Agile methodologies. Erickson's impact continues to resonate in every facet of my transformative journey, shaping my coaching philosophy and propelling my dedication to empowerment and excellence.