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Jan-Georg Kristiansen

Class of 2005

MA corporate coaching
MBA, MCC Certified Coach
‘the 3-brains circular dancing coach and mentor’

Jan Georg is both an innovator and an early adopter. He ventured into the field of coaching as an economist and teacher back in 2005. In fact, he achieved the remarkable distinction of becoming Norway's first Master-certified ICF coach MCC. His training was completed at Erickson Coaching International. A satisfied client once described Jan in the following way: "Jan excels in coaching and mental training that brings out the talent and leader within me. He refines my wisdom and channels my energy even when faced with challenges. This approach empowers me to consistently exceed the expected outcomes in my professional responsibilities and in the personal aspirations I've set."

Since 1995, Jan has been a pioneer in introducing ICF coaching methodologies to Norway's public schools. He serves as a leadership and team coach, contributing his expertise to 15% of the top management across public schools in Oslo. Furthermore, he extends his guidance to professionals in the realms of finance, banking, and IT, focusing on transitional phases, leadership and team development, as well as organizational vision and implementation strategies. 

Jan has co-authored two books: "Professional Dialogues: Coaching and Relationship Thinking," and "Coaching in Schools." His collaboration with a corporate client led to the recognition of the latter book, which earned the prestigious "Norwegian Company of the Year" award in 2008 from HR Norge.

Furthermore, Jan is the co-founder and has held the position of CEO at Erickson Coaching Nordic since 2006. This organization is an affiliate of ACTP / Erickson Canada. Jan expresses his deep gratitude for having had the opportunity to learn under the guidance of Dr. Marilyn Atkinson, a distinguished figure in the world of coach training.

Jan's contributions extend beyond coaching techniques. He has devised a unique methodology known as the "Follow The Client - Navigator" approach. Rooted in neuroscience, this method encompasses the three vital centers of the brain: head, heart, and gut. This innovative approach aids in navigating through uncertainty and complexity at PCC and MCC levels during coaching, mentoring, and team coaching conversations. By embracing and harmonizing the insights from all three dimensions of the client's cognition, Jan's approach fosters a comprehensive and effective coaching experience.

To Jan, the most fulfilling moment is when the atmosphere is charged with the joy of learning. It's at these times that his heart beats with enthusiasm and purpose.

Get to know  Jan Georg Kirstiansen

What are you most proud of from the past 20 years?

Over the last two decades (2003-2023), I'm proud to have pioneered the potentially market-first 3-brains head-heart-gut note-taking method. This innovative approach has significantly boosted the outcomes of coaching, team coaching, and mentoring, leading to remarkable successes. Recent statistics from the past three years reveal that participants in ICF Level 2 Erickson 3-brains training consistently achieve top-tier results, directly aligning with PCC and early MCC standards.

In 2023, the "mentoring 3-brains feedback" approach is set for a comprehensive scientific comparative study, reaffirming its effectiveness and distinct advantages.

Among the early adopters of the groundbreaking 3-brains Erickson coaching method were corporate clients from 2002 to 2013. Notably, one client received the prestigious "1st Prize Enhancement Learning Growth Mindset Company in Norway" award in 2008, granted by HR Norge. This recognition underscored their remarkable growth and transformation.

I've also co-authored two books alongside Pål Riis, a corporate client and Principal of Ullern 2nd High School/College. These books chronicle Ullern's inspiring journey from being one of Oslo's most challenged institutions – on the brink of closure – to reaching a top-three position in 2005. This achievement was even more remarkable considering the substantial percentage of dyslexic students who excelled. Ullern continues to rank among Oslo's top four schools in 2023. This success story credits the integration of ICF coaching and ICF team coaching in interactions with staff, pupils, and parents for driving these outstanding results.

What does transformation mean to you and what role do you feel coaching plays in the transformation of society? 

As the world's forests blaze, it's increasingly evident that the UN's general sustainability goals won't suffice for our planet to achieve its 2030 climate targets. In recent years, the UN's Individual Development Goals (IDG) have gained prominence. This shift reflects the recognition that our journey toward external balance—altered behavior, green industry, environmental protection, and more—requires a foundation of strengthened inner equilibrium.

We must succeed on 'home turf' before we can excel on the 'away field.' This necessitates nurturing inner balance and values before expecting external transformations. This inner shift will rapidly ripple into the outer world we perceive. This dynamic places coaching in the spotlight as both a phenomenon and a skill. Although coaching can't yet be classified as an academic subject matter, it encompasses an array of behavioral skills, including players like NLP and ICF.

Erickson ICF coaching has transformation at its core. When asked what coaching truly entails, I pause and respond: "After years as a coach, I've come to view coaching as 'your (the client's) dialogue with yourself.' It's not a conversation between you and me (the coach, implying mentoring or therapy). Your (client's) internal dialogue, engaging your three brains—head, heart, and gut—is about creating a secure thinking space. As a coach, my primary role in this dialogue is to tread lightly and allow room for your inner conversation."

To foster this safe space, I silence my own coaching echo chamber to attain a 'beginner's mind.' This empowers me to stimulate the client's inner echo chamber, as that's the coach's purpose. Numerous client stories emphasize this, but at its core is what a corporate client principal expressed: "Jan Georg, the most valuable aspect of coaching for me is the ability to remain composed and steady amid turbulence, both for myself and my team. In these moments of security, I tap into my extensive resources, drawing from vast business and managerial experiences. These qualities were my hiring assets, benefiting my school's quest to become a beacon of European pedagogy and education."

What role has Erickson played in your transformation in the past 20 years?

Erickson has played multiple pivotal roles in my personal transformation. Marilyn Atkinson served as my teacher, coach, and mentor throughout the 1990s and the ensuing decade. Starting in 2005, I took on the role of Organizer for Norway, and Erickson's TASC became a vital income source and platform for my endeavors as a coach, mentor, facilitator, and author. The distinctive client-focused Erickson coaching style served as a profound wellspring of inspiration. Marilyn's robust mental frameworks have significantly contributed, epitomizing Gary Zukav's quote: "The longest journey you will ever make in this life is the journey from your head to your heart."

Initially, I was a resolute and determined economist, nurturing a secondary interest in study techniques for individuals with dyslexia. Over the past two decades, I've evolved into a manager, mentor, researcher, inventor, husband, and father—all under the guiding light of Erickson's influence.

Erickson has also been a vital source of knowledge for the development of the "3 brains" approach, encompassing head, heart, and gut, which forms the foundation for my coaching note-taking Navigator method and mentor feedback approach developed over the last 20 years.

Oh, and did I mention that I found my beloved wife and life partner through Erickson? It seems Erickson is also a matchmaker!