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Irina Ulanova

Class of 2011

Premier Fellow Coach

About Irina Ulanova

As an experienced marketing professional with 8 years in the corporate world, Irina has successfully combined her engineering background with a second degree in management and marketing. However, her true passion lies in coaching, which has seamlessly become a part of Irina’s personality. Coaching fills Irina with joy and energy, constantly motivating her to strive for the best version of herself. This transformative journey has shaped Irina’s life and continues to do so as she expands and deepens her toolbox as a coach. With a commitment to growth and a passion for helping others, Irina is dedicated to making a positive impact on individuals and organizations alike.

Approach to Training and Coaching:

  • Proficient and Experienced: In Irina’s approach to coaching, she incorporates various specialized training programs to enhance her skills and effectiveness.

  • Knowledgeable and Empowering: Irina has received training in Conversational Intelligence, which allows them to navigate and improve communication dynamics. Additionally, she has received training in Conscious Business Coaching, which enables her to integrate mindfulness and ethical principles into her coaching approach. Irina has also been trained in Gender Intelligence, providing her with insights and strategies to address gender-related dynamics. Finally, Irina has expertise in Accelerated Evolution (Harmony Integration), which allows her to facilitate transformative growth and development.

  • Transformational and supportive: In Irina’s coaching practice, she focuses on fostering relationships with love, dignity, and authenticity, promoting life balance and resilience, providing resourceful feedback, and supporting the transformation of self-sabotaging patterns into intentional actions driven by conscious awareness.

Get to know  Irina Ulanova

What are you most proud of from the past 20 years? 

I experience vitality and joy in my body, along with a sense of serenity in my mind. I take pride in the person I am today and in witnessing the extent of my personal growth. I've consistently embraced my true self and followed my path, even when it meant swimming against the currents of societal norms. Now, I'm engaged in doing what I truly love.

I hold deep appreciation and affection for my friends and family. I'm proud of our collective journey towards growth and the way we continuously increase our ability to love and live with dignity.

What does transformation mean to you and what role do you feel coaching plays in the transformation of society? 

To me, transformation involves the gradual shedding of layers of thoughts, beliefs, and unproductive standards, revealing the core truth and pure love within. It's about forging a deeper connection with one's higher self. This connection enables us to navigate life's currents, tap into our resourcefulness, and make choices that were previously concealed by blind spots. It empowers us to embrace people as they are, to understand and accept our own authentic selves, and to deliberately create ample space for both self and others.

Coaching plays a crucial role in shifting how individuals perceive each other's value. It provides each person with the opportunity to cultivate a non-judgmental attitude paired with genuine interest. This occurs before any "standards" or unproductive beliefs can obstruct the capacity to truly hear and comprehend the intended message.

 What role has Erickson played in your transformation in the past 20 years?

Erickson has opened numerous doors to different ways of thinking and fresh perspectives. It shattered the confines of my "I understand how the world works" mindset, opening my mind and heart to a much larger world. It has improved my relationship-building and communication skills, providing me with tools to master self-awareness and the art of transformation. During my global travels, I've connected with fellow Ericksonian coaches who resonate with my approach.

My trainers and mentors placed their faith in me during times of uncertainty, when I questioned my readiness and ability to embody my desired role. Now, I am consistently exploring a broader world, consciously making decisions, and fearlessly expanding the boundaries of the multidimensional life I dream of living.