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Gordon Hu

Class of 2010

Professional Coach

About Gordon Hu

Gordon boasts extensive experience working as an executive in numerous Fortune 500 firms. His profound understanding of foreign companies' management and core operations, coupled with insights into the domestic market and a blend of local and foreign management expertise, has enabled him to craft a distinctive and highly successful approach. His specialization lies in nurturing and guiding managers, fostering their self-awareness and overall consciousness, while also amplifying leadership prowess and influence. He's aided countless corporate leaders in honing their leadership skills, refining management acumen, and forming effective teams, garnering significant accolades from businesses.

Approach to Training and Coaching:

  • Pragmatic and grounded: By fusing years of experience as a top global executive with enterprise realities, he offers clients a comprehensive suite of practical solutions.
  • Empowerment through practical implementation: The curriculum design follows a trajectory of "transmuting knowledge into capability into ingrained habits," guiding students on a voyage of "subconscious learning." Through a dynamic process, engaging encounters, and valuable outcomes, he directly addresses trainees' predicaments and hurdles via hands-on demonstrations and other motivating techniques.
  • Affable and enjoyable: Leveraging a "coaching-style mentorship" and an "interactive learning experience," he cultivates a lively classroom ambiance that stirs students' enthusiasm for education. His approach underscores the fusion of instruction, enactment, and application, ensuring the mantra of "what you learn is instantly valuable" becomes reality!