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Emily Kamunde-Osoro

Class of 2018

Professional Certified Coach (PCC)

Introducing Emily Kamunde-Osoro, an esteemed Leadership Coach, HR Leader, and the visionary Founder of Rise & Learn Global—an acclaimed Human Resource Consulting Firm offering HR Outsourcing, Training, and Professional Coaching services. With over 17 years of experience, Emily has excelled in roles at Kenya Airways, Syngenta, and Jubilee Insurance, honing her skills in HR strategy, leadership, coaching, and more across diverse cultures in Africa and the Middle East.

Emily's impact extends globally, with over 700 coaching hours dedicated to prominent clients like Ernst & Young, IMF, AMREF, and Uber. She's renowned for her strengths-based, holistic coaching approach, serving a spectrum of clients, from CEOs and HR Directors to Entrepreneurs and Senior Managers.

Beyond her professional journey, Emily finds joy in her roles as a wife and mother of three sons. Based in Nairobi, Kenya, she balances her pursuits through culinary adventures, running, and immersive reading. Emily Kamunde-Osoro embodies dedication, expertise, and an authentic passion for driving growth and transformation in individuals and organizations alike.

Get to know  Emily Kamunde-Osoro

What are you most proud of from the past 20 years?

I take pride in the expansion of my coaching credentials and in my global contribution to the profession through my service at the highest levels of leadership. I served as the Global Director for the International Federation for four years (2019-2022).

What does transformation mean to you and what role do you feel coaching plays in the transformation of society? 

Transformation, to me, involves acknowledging your current position, identifying growth opportunities, and delving into those prospects to generate improved outcomes for both yourself and the individuals you assist.

Coaching plays a crucial role in fostering confidence, uncovering your true self, and revealing the untapped potential residing within you. It extends your capacity for innovative thinking and creativity, enabling you to address personal, professional, and societal challenges by adopting a solution-focused mindset.

 What role has Erickson played in your transformation in the past 20 years?

Erickson presented me with a challenge to further enhance my business-building and entrepreneurial skills. This opportunity allowed me to oversee a global brand and deliver the valuable gift of coaching to Africa through certification programs.