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Cory Martin

Class of 2015

Professional Coach

I grew up in a few small, rural towns in Manitoba, Canada, eventually moving to Vancouver, Canada where I currently reside.


My professional journey has taken me from a teenage burger slinger to a current Coach and Alumni Community Manager with Erickson Coaching International, as well as an ICF Certified Professional Coach. In-between there have been wonderful experiences in Dietetics and Acting.  A wide variety of experiences has allowed me to connect with a diverse range of people and stories, which has been immensely satisfying.

Creativity and fun are strong values of mine and light me up. I enjoy painting, writing, and connecting with all the nature British Columbia provides. 

Get to know  Cory Martin

What are you most proud of from the past 20 years?

I’m most proud of the relationships that I have given conscious attention to my whole life to family and friends, and the curious communication skills that I bring to this area. I now have deep and joyful bonds with the people in my life.

What does transformation mean to you and what role do you feel coaching plays in the transformation of society?

To me, transformation means the opportunity to explore new worlds. I remember getting my driver’s license and I got to experience the world differently as someone transformed into a ‘driver.’ I transformed into an ‘actor’ and was opened up to how others lived their life in ways I had not experienced. In terms of coaching, asking questions so people can think about a person or situation differently can open up brand new worlds for them and how they communicate and move forward in life.

What role has Erickson played in your transformation in the past 20 years?

From the moment I walked into my first day of coach training, every pie piece on my life wheel shifted to even more satisfying. I transformed into a self-loving and curious person. I transformed into a coach, a more dynamic friend, brother, and son. Professionally, I ended up working at Erickson with multiple teams, taking in this content and learning even deeper.