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  • Confirmation and Scope of Booking:

    1. By agreeing to these terms and conditions, the delegate accepts and is bound by the terms and conditions of this reservation.
    2. The delegate acknowledges that this booking includes costs for the conference portion of the World Game Thailand from 5-12 May 2024.
    3. If the delegate selected Pre-Conference Training from 1-4 May 2024,  it is at an additional cost; and 
    4. The delegate understands that this booking excludes:
      1. hotel costs for the delegate and guest(s) of the delegate’s choice of dates, which must be booked directly with the Avani+ (“Hotel”) on an all-inclusive or Bed & Breakfast basis subject to the hotel terms and conditions and packages; and
      2. any travel or liability insurance of any kind;
      3. flights to and from the destination;
      4. visas and/or any other travel requirements;
      5. any additional excursions or activities at the Hotel that guests opt for; 
      6. any supplementary costs guests incur at the Hotel not included in the conference/training fee(s); and
      7. any other unforeseeable costs not listed here that are not included in the conference costs.
    5. The delegate acknowledges that their choice of courses cannot be guaranteed.  In the event that a course is oversubscribed, delegates will be allocated to their course of choice on a first come first served basis.  In the event that a course is canceled for any reason, including but not limited to too few attendees or the withdrawal of the facilitator for any reason, respective delegates will be offered an alternative training.


Guest and/or Delegate Responsibilities:

Guests are responsible for:

  1. researching and organizing, including paying for, all travel, hotel, transfers, health, travel insurance and visa requirements to enter and stay in Thailand from their country of origin; 
  2. organizing, including paying for, flights to and from Phuket airport in Thailand;
  3. organizing with the hotel, including paying for, hotel transfers to and from Phuket airport;

  • Hotel bookings:

    1. Erickson Coaching International (“Erickson”) has a group booking with the Avani+ Hotel and has secured special rates for this conference on an all-inclusive or Bed & Breakfast basis, for which conference guests shall be eligible from the dates of 1 May to 15 May 2024 provided they book  no later than 28 February 2023;
    2. For hotel bookings, guests must book directly with the hotel  through the link provided;
    3. The delegate is subject to the hotel terms and conditions, and refund policy. Erickson will not be responsible for any hotel costs incurred by guests as a result of changes or cancellations made by the delegate and or guest(s); 
    4. The delegate and or guest(s) will pay the Hotel directly based on delegate reservation selection and according to hotel terms and conditions.
    5. Rates are on an all-inclusive or bed & brrakfsast basis as per the schedule provided by the hotel. The rates and included items on the Hotel all-inclusive or bed & breakfast schedule are subject to change at the discretion of the Hotel. Erickson cannot be held responsible for any changes to the Hotel all-inclusive or bed & breakfast schedule.
  • Airport Transfers:

    1. Airport transfers must be arranged directly through the hotel when booking the hotel, and are subject to an additional cost. An additional link and or contact information will be provided in order to book this;
    2. Transfers may be combined with other hotel guests and/or guests from other nearby hotels at the discretion of the Hotel.  
  • Changes and Cancellations:

    1. The delegate should request all changes to conference bookings in writing to worldgameteam@erickson.edu.
    2. Delegates who cancel their conference booking in writing to Erickson before 15 December 2023 will receive a full refund less a US$100 admin fee.
    3. Delegates who cancel their conference booking in writing to Erickson before 15 January 2024 will receive a 50% refund less a US$100 admin fee.
    4. No refunds will be given for any cancellations made in writing from 15 January 2024 onwards.
    5. Changes and cancellations to hotel reservations and/or any other travel-related reservations will be subject to the terms and conditions of the hotel and/or relevant service providers.
    6. Should Erickson need to cancel the conference for any reason, the delegate will receive a full refund for the conference, less any unforeseen penalties that Erickson may be subject to.  Reasons that Erickson may cancel the conference include:
      1. insufficient delegates (below 60 registered and paid delegates for the conference from 5-12 May, and below 20 registered and paid delegates for the Pre-Conference Trainings from 1-4 May 2024). In the event of insufficient delegates, Erickson will cancel the conference before 31 December 2023 so as not to incur penalties and delegates shall receive a full refund within 14 days of cancellation;
      2. In the case of extraordinary circumstances such as an Act of God, war, or any reason that would make the conference impossible to host, Erickson has the right to cancel the conference with the hotel without penalty, and shall refund the conference fee to delegates.  Hotel refunds would be subject to hotel terms and conditions. In the unforeseen circumstance that Erickson is responsible for penalties, delegates will be refunded less the pro-rated penalties.
    7. Erickson shall not be responsible for any costs and/or penalties associated with delegate travel arrangements as a result of the conference being cancelled.


  • Payment Terms:

    1. Reservations will be canceled, subject to the cancellation policies stipulated in 5. above if any payment is not successfully made by the delegate on the contracted date.


  • Delegate Misconduct:

    1. To ensure the enjoyment, learning and positive experience of all delegates, you agree not to: 
      1. engage in any act or omission that is dishonest, negligent, fraudulent or criminal during the event;  
      2. engage in any act of discrimination against an officer, director, client, customer, guest, contractor, consultant, supplier, etc. at the event;
      3. engage in, or threaten to engage in, any act of harassment (sexual or otherwise), violence and/or assault against a contractor, officer, guest director, client, customer, contractor, consultant, supplier, etc. of Erickson;
      4. engage in any act that might bring Erickson, its officers, directors, clients, customers, guests, contractors, consultants, suppliers, etc. into disrepute.
    2. In the event that Erickson's designated officers establish that you have engaged in any act of misconduct that compromises the experience and/or learning of any other delegate, Erickson reserves the right to demand that you leave the conference and the venue with immediate effect, and you agree to comply with this demand.  In such an instance, you will be responsible for any and all costs associated with your departure, and shall not receive any refund from Erickson.

  • Indemnification and Limitation of Liability:

    1. The delegate, and all parties connected to the delegate’s booking, will jointly and severally indemnify and hold harmless Erickson and its directors, officers and employees against any losses awarded against Erickson or its directors, officers or employees as a result of the action of the delegate or any party connected to the delegate’s booking.
    2. The maximum aggregate liability of Erickson and its directors, officers and employees in connection with these Terms and Conditions whether in contract, tort or otherwise, will in no circumstances exceed the amount paid to Erickson by the delegate.
    3. Erickson and its directors, officers and employees will not be responsible to the delegate or any party connected to the delegate’s booking for the acts of the delegate, the Hotel or any third party, including, without limitation: (i) any injury incurred by such party while attending, or traveling to or from, the conference; or (ii) any errors made by the Hotel or any other service provider, including but not limited to those errors stated in section 3 of these Terms and Conditions; or (iii) costs incurred by the delegate as a result of conference cancellation for any reason.