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You're invited to the 

World Game Reimagined: Building The Impossible 

in Soma Bay, Egypt

23 - 30 March 2023


“As coaches we ask ourselves what visionary life results we can create that will assist everyone

to meet the huge challenges of today’s world.”

- Marilyn Atkinson

The World Game accepts that the world is full of challenges, cracks and flaws and, rather than focusing on the problems, calls for society to rise to the challenge and embrace the journey for solutions as a game. The World Game is not a concept unique to Erickson. However, it is one that is at the core of Erickson’s mission. This is because the World Game is about transforming humanity for the better, and Erickson is a community centered around realizing human potential on a global scale.

The World Game Reimagined is the next iteration of this transformative concept. In Soma Bay, Egypt 2023, the aim is to connect and co-create around ‘World Game vision’. Through a focus on ‘playing the long game’ and combining vision with strategy, attendees are encouraged to consider their own potential for contribution to the World Game and the way in which their unique solution-focused actions can support it.

Updated Agenda for Deeper Mastery at the World Game Reimagined

As we draw closer to the World Game event in Egypt, we have readjusted the agenda for deeper, more personal learning with our gurus Marilyn Atkinson, Richard Hyams and a few of our other Master Facilitators. We are anticipating a group size of approximately 20-25 participants and are looking forward to the meaningful opportunity to build deep friendships as we engage in more intimate learning. Based on attendee preferences, we have adjusted the agenda from 23 to 30 March to include Advanced Neuro-linguistic programming, Building Coach and Mastery Skills. More than the learning itself, all courses will earn Continuing Education points from the ICF. We know that this program will be enriching for all of us and we can't wait to meet you and build deeper connections with you!

The Agenda:
23 March: 


24 March:

Marilyn Atkinson presents: World Game - co-creating the impossible, an interactive and team based session looking at how we envision, create and implement impact projects

25 March:

Richard Hyams presents: Advanced NLP for Coaches, in depth techniques that can be applied in coaching sessions.

26-27 March: 

Marilyn Atkinson presents Building Coach Mastery Skills - a look at new models, skills and personal understanding to drive coaching mastery

28 March:

Zerrin Baser, MCC presents Metaphors and Mastery -  using advanced metaphors, frameworks and mastery skills to engage clients and teams

29 March:

OPTIONAL Day for Excursion and Leisure (Golf, Luxor or Snorkelling/Scuba trip on the Red Sea)

30 March - Departure

World Game


Marilyn Atkinson
Founder & President of Erickson Coaching
Richard Hyams
Zerrin Baser

Booking & Registration Process

In an effort to make the booking, registration and payment process for the World Game Reimagined as effortless and smooth as possible, we have laid out the steps below. Please ensure that you complete the steps below to secure your spot at the World Game Reimagined 2023. 

Step 1: Guests should verify the travel, visa and passport requirements for their respective countries for travelers to Egypt to ensure that their travel documentation can be processed on time. Once, confirmed, they should start the process.

Step 2: Guests should confirm flight availability to and from Hurghada, Egypt for their chosen dates. Once confirmed, they should book.

Step 3: Guests should book their conference place by contacting worldgameteam@erickson.edu

Step 4: Guests should book their hotel accommodation on the link provided.


Step 5: Guests should request an airport transfers with the hotel by e-mailing Reservations01127@mariott.com & Meriam.amir@sheraton.com


Welcome to Egypt

Considered the birthplace of civilization, Egypt is a unique country a destination full of magic and history that offers its visitors an unforgettable experience. From breath-taking desert scenery to the majestic Red Sea the awe-inspiring ancient world wonders of the pyramids, immerse yourself in a passionate fusion of adventure, culture and mystery. Built around the banks of the Nile River in 3000 BC, Ancient Egypt was a prosperous civilization that excelled in mathematics, astronomy and linguistics. The Egyptians were deeply spiritual and lived in accordance to their religious beliefs. They were also avid record keepers and developed papyrus (which would then become paper) and hieroglyphics (which became modern writing) to keep track of important information. Today, the most well-known remnants of the empire are the 118 pyramids spread throughout Egypt. Tombs created as vessels for ancient leaders to enter the afterlife, the pyramids are a testament to the determination, innovation and ongoing legacy of Ancient Egypt.

Visas, required travel documents and application fees may vary depending on your country of departure. E-visa will apply to most visitors but we recommend that you consult your local travel agent and doctor to ensure you meet the entry requirements into Egypt.


Sheraton Soma Bay Resort

Sheraton Soma Bay Resort is a stunning beachfront hotel inspired by Luxor's Karnak Temple Complex that is an ideal gathering place for friends and family. Resort guests are steps away from a family-friendly aqua park, pristine sand and numerous Red Sea watersports. Inside, hotel guests can recharge in spacious rooms which feature indulgent, signature beds, marble bathrooms, sofas, 24-hour room service and free Wi-Fi. Views of the lush gardens or the Red Sea are available from every room.


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