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Powerful Perspectives

AUTHOR: Hannah Kahane
DATE: 1 December 2023

With just one slight twist of a kaleidoscope one’s perspective can shift into a whole new matrix of possibilities. Being a lifelong learner, perspectives have shifted a number of times throughout my lifetime which I’m sure is also true for many of you. What is it that allows perspective to change in any one of us?  What are powerful perspectives that can make the difference in our lives and our coaching experience?

When I think back on the times throughout my life that I’ve had a vision and an authentic desire to fulfill what felt like a part of my reason for being, I’ve always had a sense that I had the resources within myself to take the first steps towards actualizing my vision no matter how overwhelming it had seemed at the time. Where there is the desire however great or small, acknowledging that the resources are within each one of us is very powerful. Whether it is to begin a new project, create that beautiful masterpiece, or make a major life change.  Sometimes we thrash against rocks in the rapidly running river, but we keep going, knowing we are in the flow of our own unique authenticity and striving to offer our best. What has to happen in me in order to make a shift, to let go of the river bank, or to get past being overwhelmed to keep growing as a person in any endeavor? 

 As I pay attention to my vision, and to what matters to me, I am valuing who I am.  As I do so, I understand that the resources are already right here within me to achieve my goal. Anchoring into this powerful perspective, I also see the value in you and the kaleidoscope of resources and possibility that you hold within. This knowing is the #1 Erickson principle: Each person has all the resources necessary. I bring this understanding and all of the five Erickson perspectives to my coaching practice. 

Once one embodies the knowing that all necessary resources lie within each of us, it is natural to trust that every behavior has a positive intention and that our dreams and desires are coming from valuing one’s own authenticity. This is the next Erickson powerful perspective.  We know that goals that are positive, that are self- initiated, within one’s control, sensory specific and ecological, these goals are indeed possible.  One might have the true desire to fulfill a sense of adventure by jumping out of a moving plane, but you’d never do that without a parachute and first learning how to use it!  Coming from a premise of positive intention and asking logical questions really makes trust possible, both for me and for you to discover “Why does this matter”? “What is the vision behind this?” Value based understanding is a pivotal part in a shift in the kaleidoscope!  It is how I hold the door open for myself and for others to believe in themselves.

In turn this opens the realization that I am O.K. just the way I am now. My dreams are possible!  I know some degree of lovingkindness, sovereignty, playfulness and a myriad of other life giving values which I have yet to fully tap into in myself…. I’m ok just the way I am now and that’s how I see you too. And so I hold space for you to draw upon that well of infinite resources from within yourself as deeply as you may and I can do so to the degree that I am open to receiving these resources from within myself and in collaboration with others too.  “Okness”   is a powerful perspective to remember in myself and collaboratively over and over again!

 Sometimes things come up and shake me to the core, even with the array of wonderful tools I’ve garnered in my life…..How does that happens!  But it does and I feel such gratitude and strength every time I can entrain myself to say, “It is all OK” and to know this is absolutely real and true inside of me. Being in the flow of life, in attunement with my authenticity, is a powerful perspective to embody. Instead of reacting from our limbic brain, we can employ our neocortex to actually think the way our left and right hemispheres were designed to work. And it brings joy and propels us forward to achieve our goals.

 Based on this how could  one not be making the best decisions for oneself?  This is another principal foundational to Erickson Coaching; Each person is making the best choice possible. 

Visualizing what could be possible for our future goals gives us a clean slate to begin taking the appropriate steps to get there. Sometimes where the rubber hits the road is about making lemonade out of the lemons in a given situation, taking the best possible action towards our goals given all of the factors we are faced with, towards the best possible outcome. As we live our lives and collaborate in the river of life, change is not only possible, but inevitable.  What appears to be mysterial is truly common sense living in attunement with our authentic selves and following the flow of the way we are designed to function as human beings.

Being more conscious of the solution- focused Erickson principles in my family life, in my work, in my coaching studies and practice for the past 2 months has accelerated the shifts that are happening inside of me and I am growing beyond who I have envisioned myself becoming, and how I have seen myself throughout different times of my life. 

I am confident that the kaleidoscope of change is inevitable for each one who so desires.