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My Journey to Becoming a Global Executive Coach

AUTHOR: Mariana Pimenta
DATE: 27 March 2024

Hello, Erickson family. It's a pleasure to be here with you, sharing some highlights from my journey. Over a decade ago, I began my adventure with Erickson, and today, I'm thrilled to reflect on the experiences that have shaped me into a fulfilled and liberated global executive coach.

I’m Mariana Pimenta, and I proudly describe myself as a global executive coach, leadership consultant, speaker, and digital nomad mom.

Let's delve into my story.

I was born in Brazil in 1975, and at the age of six, I embarked on a new chapter in Boston as my father pursued his MBA. Fast forward to my twenties, where I ventured into entrepreneurship, establishing language schools for executive clients back in Brazil. Witnessing the rapid expansion of these schools taught me invaluable lessons in leadership, albeit through trial and error.

In 2007, I joined Prudential Financial while continuing to manage my schools. Personal circumstances led me to explore new avenues, and I found myself selling life insurance—a unique opportunity that honed my sales skills and introduced me to the complexities of the financial sector.

Transitioning to roles in wealth management and later relocating to Sao Paolo marked significant shifts in my career trajectory. However, it wasn't until 2012, at the age of 36, that I embarked on my coaching journey. A few sessions were all it took for me to realize that coaching was my true calling.

Determined to excel in this field, I set out to find the best coaching school in the world. Through recommendations, I discovered Erickson, renowned for its excellence in coaching education. A trusted contact recommended Erickson as one of the best in the world, which led me to embark on a transformative coaching program in Vancouver in 2013.

This program not only equipped me with essential coaching skills but also introduced me to the world of online work. Initially resistant to the idea, I soon embraced the flexibility and freedom it offered. Working online opened up a world of possibilities, allowing me to coach clients from diverse locations while exploring new destinations as a digital nomad.

Canada, Spain, Thailand—the world became my playground as I juggled coaching sessions, language classes, and the joys of single motherhood. Balancing entrepreneurship with parenthood demanded flexibility and resilience, qualities I cultivated through meditation and self-discovery.

My coaching journey evolved with each new experience, leading me to collaborate with prestigious coaching platforms and coach executives from diverse backgrounds. Today, I'm proud to have coached over 700 executives from 25 countries, leveraging my multilingual skills and business acumen to drive positive change.

Looking ahead, I'm committed to pursuing advanced coaching certifications and expanding my horizons. As I celebrate over a decade in coaching, I'm grateful for the freedom and fulfillment it has brought into my life.

I currently feel retired because of my lifestyle. Since starting my coaching journey, I've enjoyed the freedom to choose the people I work with and the places I live—a true retirement in my eyes.

Diversifying income streams has been crucial for me. In addition to coaching, I've leveraged my entrepreneurial spirit to invest in rental properties and explore other revenue streams, ensuring financial stability and flexibility.

Some of my reviews reflect the impact of my coaching sessions on my clients' lives. Over 76% of my clients have rated my sessions as life-changing or amazing, reinforcing my commitment to delivering high-quality coaching experiences.

Thank you for joining me on this journey. I invite you to connect with me on LinkedIn, where I'll be sharing more insights and answering your questions. Together, let's inspire and empower fellow coaches to thrive in their pursuits.

Warm regards,
Mariana Pimenta