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How To Create and Package Your Coaching Services

AUTHOR: Teresia LaRoque
DATE: 18 December 2013

Do you feel uncomfortable when you discuss your fees with potential clients? Have you ever said to yourself “I cannot charge that much”? Learning how to best package your coaching services can help you gain clarity and confidence when talking to potential clients!  

One of the best ways to present your fees with confidence, differentiate your business, and increase your perceived value is to develop a set of unique processes that you can offer your clientele. In any line of business, good marketing will get you going… but ultimately, we get paid for the results we deliver. As "coachpreneurs", we need to know the specific results we deliver for our clients, and we need to track their progress toward these objectives. These measured results earn us client loyalty and new business referrals; they earn us the right to charge higher fees.   Every result you create for your client has a series of specific steps to get there, right? Think of these steps as a unique process that you guide the client through. Here’s where you can make an entrepreneurial quantum leap: your unique processes can be packaged into separate, branded programs, modules, or services.  

These unique processes are highly-targeted, results-oriented, and very marketable. They can become stand-alone products or value-added components of a larger program. They are brand builders and revenue generators, and they are a shortcut to becoming a recognized expert in the marketplace. That is another discussion. Today what I want is for you to clarify your unique processes so you know without a doubt how you can help your client create the results they truly want and in turn state your fee with confidence!  

For example: As a professional coach, I was attracting a lot of brand-new coaches as clients. As I was mentoring them on how to build their business (the result), I realized that I used a series of specific steps to support them in moving from 0 paying clients to 20. One of the unique processes was identifying the difference between an entrepreneurial mindset and a coaching mindset. What were the measurable results of that process? Achieving their financial goals. Another unique process was the enrollment conversation. What were the measurable results of that? Increased confidence, booking complementary sessions, and landing paying clients. Over time, I realized there were 24 unique processes that I was using in my practice. I began to package them and brand them, and from that point, a lot of great business-building opportunities opened up for me. I was able to launch a program, come up with articles for my newsletter, and develop several products.  

My brand grew stronger, the referrals poured in, and my confidence went through the roof, all because people knew exactly what I was about and the specific results I could deliver. Identifying and marketing your unique processes not only serves as an incredible foundation for business development and profit centre, but it is also a huge confidence booster!  

Erickson Business Center Challenge: Take some time to package your coaching services into at least 12 coaching processes; form a series of unique processes and identify measured outcomes for each unique process.