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How Erickson’s Coach Training has helped me as a Young Manager

AUTHOR: Maxence Pachot
DATE: 6 June 2024

As a young manager, I entered my role equipped with the necessary academic and technical skills and confident in my ability to succeed. However, I quickly realized that my arsenal lacked the nuanced interpersonal skills needed to effectively lead and develop a high-performing team.

Recognizing this gap, I decided to enroll in a coaching program to gain maturity in my leadership and develop a ‘manager as coach’ posture.  What set Erickson's program apart for me was its masterful blend of the theory of human behavior, as seen through the lens of neuroscience, with the art of coaching, through the practice of actionable tools - all within a results-oriented framework. This combined approach perfectly resonated with my pragmatic and inquisitive nature.

Reflecting on my experience, this program has enabled me to develop my leadership style as an emerging manager on the following critical areas: 

Communicating with impact and empowering talents: One of my main take-aways from this course is the art of creating a deep connection with others, asking powerful questions, and celebrating silences. I was struck by how seemingly simple questions could lead individuals to delve deeply within themselves, uncovering their own solutions. Putting these learnings into practice by donning my “coaching cape” has offered me the opportunity to invite team members to explore their challenges from different perspectives so that they can make their own decisions independently. I firmly believe in the magic of empowerment to build confidence and foster innovation, and my goal is to guide my team members toward this. 

Sharing and seeking feedback: Conveying constructive, action-oriented feedback was one of my biggest challenges as a young manager, especially in tense situations. Through cultivating empathy and honing active listening skills, the coaching stance that I developed during the program enabled me to articulate my messages with appropriate words and tone, tailored to individual profiles and circumstances, even when broaching difficult topics, in a positive and motivating way to invite the best possible response. In the same vein, it pushed me to cultivate a deliberate openness to seeking feedback. After trying it out, I can confirm that this is an invaluable gift I can receive to grow as a learning manager.

Engaging and developing talents: Talent is the most strategic asset of any organization. In an increasingly competitive environment, an inclusive and empowering leadership style appears as crucial for identifying, developing, and retaining top talents. The program instilled in me a "manager as coach" mindset, fostering openness and active listening to understand my team members' motivations, tailoring development actions, and providing opportunities that align with their aspirations. 

Adapting and navigating ambiguity: In a rapidly changing world, managers must continuously adapt and stay ahead of crises. The program taught me to view issues from diverse perspectives, enhancing my resilience and enabling me to handle complex situations calmly, reducing unnecessary pressure on my team. Also, by better unraveling my emotions and their underlying origins, I can use them as a strength rather than being overwhelmed by them, and feel better equipped to tackle the challenges ahead with calmness and composition.

This “out of time” learning journey offered me a unique opportunity to “pause”, stop being in autopilot mode, and self-reflect.  Practicing with the other participants gave me the chance to reconnect with my inner self, while learning from each other's coaching styles. The diversity of backgrounds and nationalities around the table was incredibly enriching, and witnessing everyone's gradual transformation was nothing short of magical!

To conclude, I wholeheartedly recommend this experience to anyone wishing to develop their leadership skills and help others become a better version of themselves. Today, I'm proud to join the strong network of Ericksonian coaches, united by the ambition to change the world, one conversation at a time. 

Maxence Pachot
Leadership Consultant | Russell Reynolds Associates

Maxence Pachot is a Leadership Consultant at Russell Reynolds Associates in France. In his role, he specializes in advising clients on leadership strategies and organizational development. Maxence's responsibilities include Executive Assessment & Development for CEO and C-Suite profiles, Succession Planning, Executive Team & Board Effectiveness, and CEO Development & Transition Programs.