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Help a future-coach change the world, one conversation at a time by connecting them to Erickson's coach training

As an Erickson Coach, you've probably had people ask you about your journey to become a coach. In fact, we're proud to share that the majority of our coaches find us by word of mouth. They experience the solution-focused skills that our alumni (like you!) use to change the world, and are inspired to follow in their footsteps.
To help you ensure that these future-coaches receive the information, care and assistance they need to make the right decision for their futures, we're excited to offer the Erickson Referral Program. 
It also gives us at Erickson the chance to thank you for continuing to share the gift of solution-focused coaching and for being a part of our global community. 
To refer an interested potential coach, simply complete the form below with your own information as well as contact information for the person you are referring.
When the future-coach you refer enrolls with Erickson Coaching International, they'll receive a discount and, when they complete their training, you'll receive a gift to thank you for sharing your passion for coaching and playing a part in their learning journey.

Frequently Asked Question

What counts as a referral?

A referral is counted if the future-coach you have connected us with is a new connection for Erickson Coaching International. When you submit the referral form we will cross reference it with our contact base. Unfortunately, if the person has already connected with us, this will not be counted as a referral.

What will the person I refer receive?

Once you have referred someone, they will receive an email notification from a sales enrollment advisor. If they opt to enroll, they will receive a discount of 150 CAD off their tuition.

What is the referral gift that I receive?

If your referral chooses The Art & Science of Coaching Level 1 or Certification pathways, you will receive CAD 100. If they choose the The Art & Science of Coaching Level 2 pathway, you will receive CAD 200. 

When do I receive my referral gift payment?

You will receive your referral payment once your referral has completed their program. 

Is there a limit to how many people I can refer and gifts I can receive?

There is no limit to how many people you refer- and you will receive a gift for each successful referral who completes a pathway.

How do I know if the person I refer has enrolled?

Once your referral signs up for our program, you will receive an email to confirm that your referral has signed up and an estimated payment date for the referral gift. 

Are there any other important things for me to note?

Yes! The Erickson Referral Program is only valid on the three The Art & Science of Coaching pathways.