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Paulius Rate


Professional Coach



Meet Paulius, a dedicated explorer of travel, mountains, and silence, with a profound interest in mastering the human spirit. With 14+ years of experience, Paulius is a PCC (Professional Certified Coach) specializing in Leadership Coaching, Team Coaching, Business Coaching, and Mentoring. For Paulius, coaching is a profound act of service.

One of his most impactful coaching experiences involved a manufacturing company's production director and her team. The goal was to increase production efficiency by 10+ percentage points within a set timeframe. Through a combination of 1:1 coaching with the production manager and a 3-month engagement with the managerial team, significant improvements were achieved. While externally, everything remained the same, internally there was a transformation in mutual understanding, team agreements, and a willingness to help each other, leading to a softer atmosphere and better results.

Paulius focuses on mastering Ericksonian Coaching Methods, Instruments, and Philosophy. His success is echoed by Steven Rudolph, founder of Multiple Natures International, who praises Paulius's extraordinary creative, logical, and spatial visual powers. Rupali Bawiskar, a coach and trainer, highlights Paulius's effectiveness as a coach, mentor, trainer, and facilitator, emphasizing the confidence and benefits gained through collaboration.

If you have the opportunity to work with Paulius, whether as a coach, mentor, or trainer, don't miss the chance to benefit enormously from his expertise and unique approach.