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Moëra Saule


Professional Coach



Meet Moera, A Mother, Mentor, and Mindful Entrepreneur

From philosophy teacher and researcher in China to an internationally recognized coach, Moera's journey has been one of transformation and fulfillment. Today, her focus lies in nurturing her daughter while finding solace in nature alongside her loyal canine companion.

With over 13 years of coaching experience and holding the MCC level coach certification, Moera's expertise extends into leadership coaching through spiritual growth. Her path has taken her from China to becoming a successful entrepreneur on a global scale, where she seamlessly integrates spirituality into her business approach.

Combining her passion for neuroscience research with profound ancestral energy work, Moera guides individuals to connect with their deepest values and inner spiritual realms. Through this exploration, she believes true inner leadership is ignited, ultimately manifesting in outer success and fulfillment.