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Marilyn Atkinson




Dr. Marilyn Atkinson, a luminary in coaching and psychology, has shaped the landscape of Solution-Focused Coaching Psychology, NLP, and Meta Program Analysis. As the founder of Erickson Coaching International, she introduced the acclaimed 4 Quadrant Solution-Focused Coaching and Outcome-Oriented Coaching model, influencing individual coaches, teams, and global corporations. Driven by her admiration for Milton Erickson's solution-focused mindset, Marilyn named her institution after him. Her expertise as an Industrial Psychologist enabled her to refine solution-focused methods for diverse corporate contexts, simplifying tools for coaches and leaders.

Over four decades, Marilyn has become a global force, conducting training and coaching sessions worldwide. Her eight books on solution-focused coaching are translated into eight languages and reflect her profound insights. In the last decade, she has pioneered specialized coach training programs taught in over 50 countries. Her commitment to human transformation is unwavering, demonstrated in her multifaceted roles as a trainer, thought-leader, speaker, and author. Marilyn's legacy lies in her relentless dedication to fostering change through meaningful conversations.