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Maria Ilieva


Professional Coach



Maria Ilieva is a dynamic individual whose life revolves around singing, yoga, and skiing, with a deep passion for music as the soul's language. As a seasoned Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with seven years of experience, Maria specializes in executive and transformational coaching, guiding clients not only to professional success but also toward discovering profound meaning beyond their jobs.

Maria's coaching style uniquely integrates her rich professional background with spiritual wisdom gained from her 20-year journey in yoga and personal development. She is not only a successful coach but also a published author, with her book "A Dream Comes True" offering insights and inspiration drawn from her own experiences.

Beyond her coaching accomplishments, Maria's personal achievements include summiting Olympus and undergoing transformative life changes, such as changing countries and careers. Maria's perspective is shaped by 17 years in top corporate management, including roles as CEO and Chairman in the banking sector. Complemented by a Master's in Psychology, her coaching skills create a powerful synergy, applying science and wisdom to help clients navigate personal and professional transformations.

Maria's mission goes beyond individual success; she envisions elevating human consciousness through leadership. Her coaching philosophy reflects this commitment, guiding individuals to not only achieve goals but also find meaning, purpose, and higher consciousness in their lives. Maria Ilieva stands as an inspirational figure, blending corporate leadership, personal development, and coaching to uplift and transform those she serves.