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Magdalena Giec


Professional Coach



Magdalena is a seasoned executive and peak performance coach with a multifaceted passion that extends beyond traditional coaching approaches. Beyond the boardrooms and executive suites, she finds immense joy in cultivating flow states, unlocking the art of effortless immersion through activities like painting intricate mandalas. Flow triggers become her compass, guiding her to enter and harness the power of flow on demand.

Magdalena's expertise is not confined to coaching; she holds an impressive array of qualifications, including an MCC and MBA, and she is a Flow Trainer Accelerator, Clean Coaching facilitator, and NVC practitioner. Her coaching approach is enriched by her deep fascination with neuroscience, particularly the neurochemistry of flow, as well as her curiosity about the origins of joy, awe, empathy, and equanimity. She also explores into the annals of human history, the evolution of life and ideas, metatrends, exponential growth, and emerging technologies.

One of Magdalena's notable success stories involves a client who, facing burnout, underwent a transformative journey under her guidance. Initially resigning from a managerial position, the client transitioned to a Quality Manager role in a factory. Through Magdalena's coaching, she not only found renewed energy and purpose but also became a triathlete and a driving force behind women development programs within her company. By 2023, she achieved the feat of becoming Plant Director, a testament to the impactful coaching journey guided by Magdalena.

In her coaching approach, Magdalena leverages neuroscience, focusing on the biology of creative states. Using verbal and nonverbal flow triggers deliberately, she invites clients into interpersonal flow, where connecting the dots faster, shifting perspectives, and inner transformation feel natural. She pays attention to the client's language, diving into their world to facilitate their inner dialogue. Magdalena's philosophy is succinctly captured in her words: "To make the impossible possible, the possible easy, the easy elegant."