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Macie j Świeży


Professional Coach



Maciej is a seasoned coach with a unique professional approach. Beyond his dedication to coaching leaders and teams, he finds fulfillment in the harmonies of choir singing and collaborating on art projects that celebrate cultural diversity. With over 13 years in the coaching field, Maciej's passion extends to envisioning diverse scenarios for the near and far future.

His expertise lies in coaching leaders within manufacturing, engineering, and IT. Notably, he played a pivotal role in assisting the top management of a substantial high-tech company, guiding them through the exploration of potential future scenarios. This endeavor resulted in coaching key leadership teams, facilitating impactful changes in their day-to-day interactions to support long-term organizational goals.

Maciej thrives in projects where decision-makers actively engage in shaping their future, steering away from passivity and taking charge of their destiny. Witnessing transformations from workplace rivalry to a culture of mutual respect and collaboration is particularly rewarding for him.

His coaching philosophy is rooted in solution-focused methodologies, enriched by insights from cognitive psychology. Maciej possesses a genuine curiosity about the narratives individuals construct about their world. He firmly believes that unlocking professional change often involves questioning inherited assumptions and understanding our roles within broader systems.

In 2021, Maciej authored "Psychology for Coaches: Key Concepts and Findings to Ground Your Skills," a handbook published by Routledge. This resource is designed to seamlessly infuse psychological concepts into coaching practices. Further details about the handbook can be accessed here.

Prospective clients are invited to explore a professional conversation with Maciej. Their story – how they perceive the world and the narratives they tell themselves – is at the core of his work. Maciej is ready to embark on a journey to define and shape narratives that align with their aspirations.