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Gaurav Arora


Professional Coach



Gaurav Arora is a multifaceted individual whose life is harmonized by singing, skiing, yoga, and meditation, with music serving as the very essence of his soul. With a profound love for singing, Gaurav believes in the extraordinary power of expressing the soul through melody, transcending logic and concerns.

As a seasoned coach with 8 years of experience and holding the Professional Certified Coach (PCC) credential, Gaurav specializes in executive coaching and coaching for corporations. His professional journey includes conducting training and coaching within a large organization poised for global expansion. Drawing on his 15 years of top management experience in major European banks, Gaurav brings a unique blend of corporate acumen, coaching expertise, and intuitive strength to his practice.

Gaurav's coaching style is characterized by the fusion of his extensive corporate background with a deep intuition, resulting in a powerful approach that resonates with individuals and organizations. He is a firm believer in the capacity of companies and their leaders to lead human progress forward.

Gaurav's impact as a coach is reflected in the testimonials of those he has worked with. Clients express gratitude for the transformative experiences facilitated by Gaurav's coaching, breaking barriers and unlocking new possibilities. His approach is encapsulated in the words of those he has coached: "Thank you for opening up that door for me, Maria. There is no ceiling here," says P.P. "For the first time, I have realized that I can really do it myself and fulfill my dreams without a cane," shares Y.M. V.B. affirms, "Now I know I can influence the environment, and whatever is up to me, I will do it."

For Gaurav Arora, coaching is not just a profession; it is a shortcut to enlightenment. His commitment to guiding individuals and organizations toward their full potential reflects a profound belief in the transformative power of coaching. Gaurav stands as a beacon, ushering in progress and enlightenment through his coaching endeavors.