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Dreamwork & Advanced Metaphors is a profound addition to any coach’s toolkit. This mastery course equips you to assist people to explore and expand their capacity to imagine their life metaphors. You will develop a keen ear to the ongoing stories, internal messages and belief structures that people use to limit their lives. Skilfully assist both yourself and your clients to build a strong boat for riding forward on the stream of consciousness.

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Dr. Marilyn Atkinson
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This course is for coaches and individuals who want to gain a deeper insight into their own life metaphors and how to reconstruct them to achieve greater success. This course is also for leaders, with coaching skills and training, who wish to strengthen their capacity to use metaphors and stories to lead their teams.


Dr. Marilyn Atkinson

Dr. Marilyn Atkinson, the founder of Erickson Coaching International and a prominent figure in Solution-Focused Coaching Psychology, and NLP, has played a pivotal role in global coaching and leadership development. With over 40 years of experience, she has contributed significantly to the evolution of coaching models, including the renowned 4 quadrant Solution-Focused Coaching process. Inspired by Milton Erickson's work, Marilyn integrated solution-focused, outcome thinking metaphorical techniques into her coaching programs, fostering human transformation. As an Industrial Psychologist, she tailored these methods for corporate settings, making them accessible for coaches and leaders worldwide. Marilyn's impact extends globally through her training programs, spanning over 50 countries. Her dedication to human transformation is evident in her eight translated books and ongoing commitment to coaching effectiveness.


What you will learn:

  • Specific procedures to quickly understand the unconscious message system
  • The meaning of any particular dream you may want to explore
  • To apply these techniques to enhance creativity in daily life for yourself and those you coach or lead.

Who is this course for:

  • Coaches and individuals who want to gain a deeper insight into their own life metaphors
  • Leaders and speakers who want to learn how to reconstruct themselves to achieve greater success
  • Leaders who wish to strengthen their capacity to use stories to lead their teams


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