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We believe that “an image is worth a thousand words" and has the power to unite, inspire, and drive progress further. Check out the potential of coachingwheels.com

Capture what really matters to your coaching clients in the most comprehensive and holistic form for the mind—the wheel shape.
The platform helps you cut down on the time spent explaining the wheel as a coaching tool to your clients. You simply generate it as you coach, and your client sees it on the spot. It is flexible and interactive, allowing you to add as many wheel segments as your client needs. Just “dance in the moment” and create structures of clarity and wholeness for your clients.

Create your own stack of templates of life wheels, project wheels, decision-making wheels, or values wheels in advance and simply pull them out when needed. All coaching sessions and wheels are stored in your private account for as long as you wish. 

By using Coaching Wheels you can:


  • Create common vision
  • Engage and foster participation
  • Foster open discussions and alignment
  • Get clarity and structure
  • Help clients prioritize
  • Expand the flow of awareness, ideas, and decision-making capacity
  • Boost creativity and right-brain thinking
  • Assess and track progress in multiple areas of importance through time
  • Bring a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment throughout the coaching process

How does the Coaching Wheels platform work:

  • You can create coaching wheels on any of your devices
  • Individual clients and teams can access the platform on any of their devices
  • Scaling the wheel segments is interactive and can be done by both the client and the coach simultaneously
  • The wheels enhances team collaboration and focus in real time thanks to the live sharing option.
  • What you do at your end is immediately visualised for all participants in the session.
  • Everyone’s contribution matters.
    The wheels created are downloadable in PDF format
-photo - Nadezhda Mihaylova

Nadezhdav Mihaylova - Co Founder

Nadezhda Mihaylova is a professional certified coach, ICF PCC, and ICF mentor coach with over 20 years of experience enhancing personal growth and leadership capacity. Nadezhda’s background includes ten years of leading and empowering high-performing teams in a fast-paced, benchmark-establishing business. She is among the elite faculty of Erickson Coaching International, teaching “The Art & Science of Coaching,” “Leader As Coach”, and “Parent As Coach”. She has been coaching corporate and individual clients on four continents for over a decade.  And each and every client of hers has experienced a flow of insights and clarity, thanks to CoachingWheels.comThat is why Nadezhda is known as the "Wheels Coach” to her close friends and fellow coaches.
How did it all begin for her, and why is she so passionate about coaching with wheels? In 2010, Nadezhda enrolled in the "Art & Science of Coaching". At that time, she was experiencing all signs of burnout. She claims that the Art & Science of Coaching program saved and transformed her life. What made the first very powerful breakthrough for her was the Balance Wheel coaching process that she experienced during the training for the first time. It impacted her so profoundly that ever since then, she has used it both as a tool for managing her own time and priorities and as a way to bring value to her coaching clients. In the next decade of coaching, Nadezhda has found numerous ways in which the coaching wheel tool can enhance the outcomes of coaching conversations.
When she started coaching online, she struggled with applying the coaching wheel tool smoothly and naturally without disrupting the flow of the sessions and breaking the rapport with the coaching clients. As a facilitator and mentor coach, she noticed she was not alone in this struggle. So, together with her partner, an Agile and Team Coach himself, they developed an easy-to-access and easy-to-use online platform, CoachingWheels.com. With the help of the platform, any coach anywhere in the world can create interactive coaching wheels that bring flow, alignment, clarity, and insights to individual, group, or team coaching sessions.