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Elena Antonovska


Professional Coach





Elena Antonovska has a total of 30 years of work experience, and she acquires her professional experience in various business environments including government institutions, insurance, public relations, and independent work in the field of personal and professional development, communication and coaching, entrepreneurship, and practical approaches in personal & professional development.

Since 2007, Elena directs her own professional work towards independent practice in the area of personal growth and continuous transformation of individuals and groups by forming her own Center for personal development. Total years with Erickson from 2011, as a facilitator 1 year. In the meantime, Elena expands the engagement in the business area of corporate and open training that includes training in the field of communication, sales and managerial skills, solution-focused coaching, NLP, assessment tools, and entrepreneurship training.

Today, Ars Lucida – Coaching & Training is the place where skills, techniques, methods & knowledge is applied covering all aspect of the human being as a whole. Activities in Ars Lucida are based on support, motivation, education & inspiration of individuals & groups on their path of change, self-development & success. Merging ancient & modern knowledge, applied in everyday life as practical skills, covers a wide range of aspects & target groups. Knowledge is transferred through individual work, training & workshops regarding personal & professional development. Also teaching Holistic training, energy healing, Past Life Regression, Meditation, Breathing, etc. Student of the University of Psychology. In March 2017 she is selected as Women Manager of the year 2016 in the area of personal & professional development.