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Courageous Conversations
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Welcome to "Courageous Conversations" – the podcast that delves into the heart of building a thriving organization and the transformative power of coaching!

Welcome to "Courageous Conversations," the podcast exploring the keys to building a successful organization with the help of coaching. Hosted by Erickson's CEO, Louise Hendey, join experts in a solution-focused panel discussion as they tackle the challenges of today's business environment.

Uncover practical strategies to thrive amidst fluctuating conditions, technology advancements, and remote work complexities. Let's navigate this nuanced climate together and unlock your organization's potential. Tune in for expert insights and inspiring stories to drive success in unpredictable circumstances.

Join our panel of organizational experts to discuss:

  • Key challenges being experienced by leaders and executives
  • Defining elements of the pressured and fast-paced environment that executives are navigating
  • Practical steps towards solutions

Stream our podcast here and embark on a journey towards transformative growth:


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