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Bringing Coaching Home

AUTHOR: Erickson Coaching International
DATE: 22 August 2016

Whether you are a coach by profession, or simply looking to bring positive change to your  personal life, there are many proven coaching techniques that can transfer over into the home.   Coaching, by nature, focuses on the art of bringing positive transformation, as well as reaching goals and attaining personal success. In a context of family, you might be looking to encourage a more peaceful environment at home, or help your child through various challenges. So what are some ways to bring coaching techniques into the home for your family and loved ones?  

  • Encourage them to hold the mindset that change is constant and inevitable – that way it doesn't seem so scary when it happens, and everyone is more likely to embrace it
  • Inform them that change can come from many sources and directions – this allows them to be open minded in accepting change whenever it is ready to happen
  • Don’t let them be overwhelmed at the idea of changing habits and actions – let them know that it is OK to take one small step at a time. Small changes lead to big changes in the end
  • Build solutions with your loved ones – this is far more effective and fun than trying to simply solve the problem, and you get to work together
  • Encourage the use of positive language in every situation – this reinforces solution-focused coaching practices and allows you to grow as a family
  • Keep focused on what it is you wish to achieve – by knowing what you want, you are more likely to get it, and setting goals will help immensely
  • Say what you mean, and mean what you say – bringing clarity to the language you use will ensure that your family is onboard and aware of what you are looking to do or change
  • Reward yourselves for your accomplishments – nothing is too small to deserve a reward, and if doing so means that your family stays on track and sees what is working, keep going!

There are many more things that you and your family members can do to foster a positive home environment, so feel free to share how you initiate positive change in the comments below.