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How does the process work?

Coaching for Nonprofit Organizations

Phase 1 : Planning

An Erickson NPO project leader will set up a call with the NPO. The NPO will be assessed on it's needs and the scope of coaching services will be established. Resourcing and Contracting will follow this conversation. 

Phase 3: Coaching

Now the Coaching begins, each candidate identified will receive 6 coaching sessions over a defined period of time. 

Phase 2: Pre-Coaching

Candidates will attend an 'Intro to Coaching' webinar. Candidates will undergo a pre-coaching assessment. Candidates will have a discussion to establish how their personal goals align with the NPO's goals.

Phase 4: Reporting

Each candidate will complete a post-coaching assessment and an organization-wide report returned. 

Do you know of an organization that can benefit from Solution-Focused coaching?